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RPG-themed drafting game, featuring dice

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- 7 Wonders
- Alea Jacta Est
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- Drafting.
- Level-up.
- Dice manipulation.

High-Level Phase Overview:
- Players roll their dice.
- Players draft.
- The player tries to claim his played cards by placing his dice on it.
- Claiming a card successfully yields benefits.

The idea started as a way to implement a level-up mechanism using dice. Here are my ideas so far:

- Dice -

There are going to be three kinds of colored dice, each having a special ability.

1) Red dice, which represent brute strength. They have the Reroll ability. You score additional VP with red dice if you have a straight (2-3-4, 1-2, 3-4-5-6, etc).
2) Blue dice, which represent magic. They have the Explode (on 6) ability. You score additional VP with blue dice if you have more than a single 6 (e.g. 6-6, 6-6-6, etc).
3) Yellow dice, which represent precision and cunning. They have the Swap ability. You score additional VP with the yellow dice if a pair of them sums up to 5 (e.g. 1-4 or 2-3, but not 5).

I'm not yet sure how the 'level-up' mechanism is going to be implemented in the game, probably as a reward for picking specific cards.

- Cards -

Up until now, I've got three types of cards in my mind:

1) 'Monster' Cards: This is going to be the main source of 'rewards'. Monsters are going to feature dice slots, where you can place your dice in order to damage it.
Some monsters will have immunity to certain types of damage.
Some monsters may allow your adjacent players to join the fight, giving them some rewards, too.

2) 'Ability' Cards: Each will require an amount of colored dice, like three red or two blue and one yellow or 1 blue; they will be providing a special ability to the person that acquires it. For instance an ability combining yellow and blue dice would be that of Necromancy: retrieve one of the defeated monsters and have an encounter with it again.
If the ability is powerful enough, it may require placing dice there in order to be activated each round.

3) 'Item' Cards: Pretty simple, these are going to give you additional colored dice. A sword might give you a bonus red die and a wand a bonus blue.

I'd appreciate ideas or comments on the above.

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