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The Rules to my Pub Game

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Hi All
Heres my pub game I said about the other day. Unfortunatly I couldn't paste in the diagramme, but I'm sure you can figure it out.

The Notte Game™© A Pub game for 2 players aged 18+

Equipment (that’s readily available in pubs).
• 1 square beer mat
• 18 pennies/ matchsticks etc
• Each players drink

The Object of the Game
• The 1st person that can’t make a legal move loses the game and their opponent wins. This could be their opponents drink or coins etc

Put the beer mat between the 2 players. Each then lays their drink at any of the 9 imagined points on and around the beer mat. Taking turns the players move to any adjacent point, as shown, and puts a coin on the point they moved from.
• Players may cut the corner as shown.
• Players may jump over an opponent’s drink to the point behind (if it is legal to do so).

• Only 1 drink (piece) per point
• Players may not move to a point with 2 coins.
• Take turns laying (and so moving) first.
• This game must always be play responsibly.

It would be nice to know what you lovely people think.


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