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Sabotage (Name will likely change)

For a group of 2-8 players (similar to BANG! in case that helps)

Each player takes the role of [something that shoots... I was thinking of giant mechs] trying to survive. Each turn, all players take the "shot token" and hold it in either their left of right hand to indicate which way they are shooting, showing them all at the same time. Each shot inflicts one point of damage to the person directly next to them on the indicated side. Each player has 10 health.

The Twist:

Everyone is playing cards on themselves or on other players to mess with their shots. You place the card not on the player, but on their left or right, indicating that you are messing with the weapon on that side. The cards are placed by everyone in sequence face down, and are only revealed when a player shoots They are thereafter immediately discarded.

These cards have a variety of effects, such as:
-Increasing the distance the weapon shoots
-Decreasing the distance it shoots (Your starting distance is 1, so one [-1] card would make you hit yourself and another [-1] card would make you shoot the person on the opposite side from where they had placed the token)
-Increase damage by 1
-Increase damage by 2
-Multiply damage x2
-Instead of damaging, the person targeted by this shot is protected from damage by the indicated amount from other players this round
-Reduce Damage by 1
-The shot is jammed (doesn't fire)
-A jam card is cancelled

Because the cards are played face down on one of the players' guns, they don't know what's played until they shoot, and they have to choose which one they shoot each turn based on what they think others have played.

There's a 4-card deck in the middle that keeps track of how many cards to play on others before each shot is made (you flip over a card after each play, and there is a "shoot" card that triggers shots and a shuffle. This means that you shuffle the deck after each shot, giving a different interval between each shot.

That's it. I haven't figured out how to distribute cards yet to each player, though I was toying with the idea of the players that are most damaged being able to pick whatever card they wanted out of the discard pile before their hand was filled again. I dunno if that would confer a large enough advantage to actually turn things around, but it's a fun idea...

Any thoughts or help you might think of?

The Chaz
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Won't card play be somewhat predictable?

Like in Gloom - there's almost no reason for me to ever play a "bad" card on myself (or a "good" card on an opponent). Won't this game have little-to-no actual decision/analysis?

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