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Semi-hidden role

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I'm currently working on a game that has sort of hidden roles like Stratego.
But instead of revealing the role on contact I want the role of the piece to be shown as soon as it is in range with the opponent (also the opponent should show theirs) or if a special ability is used.
But also it should be possible too hide the role as soon as it is out of range or the end of the turn (with special ability).
So I was thinking about a removable cover.

But since the combat isn't based on rank, like Stratego, but more like a wargame. I would like a health counter (like with X-wing of SW Armada) on it.

Is there already something like this out there? Or is it something new I'm thinking of and do I need to design it myself?

I'm even open to suggestions on how to design this element.

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could you do this with a chit

could you do this with a chit you just flip over?

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Welcome! And to answer your


And to answer your question.
It is rather new, or actually problematic.

The problem is that this "fog of war" is only until "explored". After that, you know what is out there. Although, you could use memory of the players for the skill set. But that would be the maximum.

I like this range thing. But it must come from 2 sides at once. Since the player who can spot you, has to prove it has the range for that requirement. (I sense the need for observers)

Don't do health, but damage counters instead. You start with 0 and build up. Not the other way around. It saves a lot of handling.

There are 2 ways.

1. Flat pieces. You simply turn them up side down when they are within range. Damage pieces are also flat. And can be placed upon other flat pieces.
The problem here is that the owner of the piece has to look itself to know what is where. And the damage counters can help the opponent in remembering what is where.

2. Cubes or maybe even little boxes. Just like Stratego.
You can now place the print on the side. One player can see them all the time. Damage can still be flat pieces and be used as above. But if you manage to use little boxes. And the damage remains low before a piece is destroyed. You could use smaller objects to place in the little box. In that case, a corner should face the owner. Then the owner can see a picture, and inside the little box.

I imagine, this game can only be for 2 players with the second option. If it is 3 or more, only option 1 is possible.

Good luck/Veel succes.

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Good idea to do damage

Good idea to do damage instead of health.
I was thinking about incorporating as dial that keeps track of it.
Until the reveal everything is only known to the owner.

Also the objective is to find and kill the character which is holding 'the flag' just like in Stratego, only now it can move.

I think I figured out what to do and I am currently working on designs for unique elements. At least rough designs for play testing, just to check the accounting during the game.

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You could also do a stand up

You could also do a stand up piece like a chess-pawn or a risk-unit, with the information printed on its base. Anything within range you are allowed to just pick up and look under.

Cant stack units/chits on them tho, and it kind of needs a mechanic to justify the fact that you cant see the information constantly, so something like each time it comes into range from an area where it was out-of-range to everything, you get a free look, but if you need subsequent looks while it is in range, it costs to peek.

Its messy that way, but could be made into something interesting with some care. I had a similar problem but went for flippable tokens for my own game, simpler and more streamlined.

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