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Semi-Micro game idea

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We were talking wallet sized game lately, and there was another thread on BGG talking about micro game. I think I adapted one of my game idea as a micro game that could work. Here is the description, give me your toughts:


I had some idea for a semi micro game by adapting an idea I already had. What makes it micro is that each player owns his piece set and combines it with other players when playing. So there is no need to carry a full game.

Each player would have a diamond tile split in 4 areas that represent their territory, some cubes for units(or unit tokens), a tower and small set of cards (at most a dozen).

The diamond tiles can be placed in various patterns accoring to the number of players. The concept of the game is simple, it's a light war game similar to 1812.

There is a mechanic to spawn unit cubes on the board and the card you play determine how you move your army. Maybe cards has double use for production and military movement. Or maybe spell casting and military movement.

Each player own a "set" which represent a faction. So I could have the "darkelves" which has terrain, unit and game play that reflect the dark elves. While another player have the dwarves. When it's time to play, players connect their board and play.

So it should be a small game where the diamond tile could probably fit on a post card (with maybe some space around for unit tokens). Then you only need to add the cubes and a small set of cards. So it's very transportable, even for transporting multiple sets. But it won't fit in your wallet.


One of the problems I have with micro games is the lack of depth. While the game above, even if simple seem to allow a certain level of depth.


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