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The Shadow Of The Ancients: A Game About Rebuilding Civilization (rules seek readers!!)

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Read the rules here! --->

The Shadow Of The Ancients is a game for 4-6 players. Each player represents a Tribe of post-apocalyptic survivors which is trying to unearth the Artifacts of the forgotten Ancients in order to rebuild civilization.

The game mechanics include card drafting, melding, building an "engine," special actions & abilities, and a twist on worker placement. The world of the Ancients and their forgotten technology is slowly revealed throughout the game, and your goal is to take advantage of opportunities to increase your Tribe's resources and power, ultimately leading humanity into a new age.

The rules are in a state of infancy so I appreciate every comment, suggestion, or criticism.

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Sounds interesting

Sounds interesting but you might need to increase the number of players or may be leave it open for the player to decide weather he\she wants to play with how many players. and I think you should try to keep it as simple as possible and more close to the real life...

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Taking notes as I read

- reach 50 VPs? this sounds odd
- add playing time and age group

- insufficient detail, add cards and tokens quantity (are these piece limited?)
- get Growth bonus closer to the rondel

- fair enough. got it from my first reading
- you may want to use a growth token, it will be fancier

How to play
- too short. I would make a brief comment on each phase here (all detailed below)

Phase 1
- too messy. divide the actions into clearly separated paragraphs
- (this goes for all the rulebook) separate rules from notes and examples, using another format (such as italic)
- I don't like bold+underline. If you think something is that important, make a remark in a separate text box

Phase 2
- again, separate paragraphs for different actions. use subtitles such as "discovering new locations" and "abandoning known locations"
- I like the rules-first then-components structure, you did the opposite in the previous phase

Phase 3
- again, a subtitled paragraph for each action: "tribe's growth" (or something)
- I would use "crosses" instead of "enter" the Growth Space and specify where in the Mat are you putting it

Phase 4
- I take you can perform as many actions as you want, provided you have the squads and locations where to perform them (but this sounds inconsistent with the fact that Ideas give you extra actions)
- I don't like that you aren't allowed to take an action if you have passed, it seems you are restricting tactical play
- don't name an action Idea, that is a resource/item you already have
- good to see you have splitted the chapter into paragraphs for each action
- again, keep notes and examples out of the rules paragraphs
- if you quote a card in an example, insert the card image next to it
- make a semi-transparent grid over the squad area image of location cards
- do squads that scavage remain in the scavage box blocking further scavaging? (this could be an issue if playing with so many people) when do they move back up?
- draw squares the size of squad cubes in the above/below boxes to depict the number of squads that can perform the action

Time consuming paragraph
- this is horrible. rephrase. it cuts the chapter in two.
- how about a tribe with just 1 squad scavaging in a location that supports 3 scavagers? why can't another tribe scavage the extra 2?

Phase 5
- make it clear that ideas (I suppose) can grant you extra storage space
- victory condition seem as dry as they can get (JASE?)
- page 6 has less than 10 lines, reconfigure page margins to make the rules fit in 5 pages
- move mantainance actions paragraph after victory conditions paragraph

- add credits and contact information

- 4 minimum players is a killer
- I take you haven't playtest this at all
- looks a lot like Stone Age with a modular board

Hope this helps. Keep thinking!

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I see you did not use anny of

I see you did not use anny of my coments or ideas about the rules when you asked for readers the first time. Normaly you make some changes between the times you ask people to read the rules. Also answering back when some one sends you a message would also be nice... But maby that is just me.

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