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Similar games, Tactics arena?

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Joined: 04/28/2009

ok so i thought of this online game, its kinda like tactics arena, its like chess but with a different style of playing

it every unit has:

attack power: attacks strength
defence: resistance to attack power
Block: percentage it will block the attack by an enemy
Wait: turn it has to wait until moved again
Movement: number of spaces it can move
range: range of attack
Effect: sometimes some units have special abilities

(This are not my ideas)

in my game everything is different, except on this standards, it would use the same ones just to balance out the game, mine would have a different theme, and different types of units, with many new multiple bonuses, also mine would have offerings. like sacrifices to make a unit stronger, or do speacial attacks

i was wondering is it ok to use part of another game to create mine?

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Joined: 05/03/2009
Similar games, Tactics arena?

kay your using what most people us in most game so its fine

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