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Simple Old-fashioned Adventurous Roleplaying (SOAR)

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I am starting the first draft of a Pen & Paper Roleplaying Game. I am looking for co-authors and contributors of any kind. If you think this is a project you might want to be involved with please e-mail me at

To see the rulebook as it is being written visit the Wiki Page

The Core Mechanics

There are two main mechanics in the SOAR system. The first is the action and conflict resolution mechanic and the second is the dynamic content mechanic. These two form the basis of the entire system and you can read all about them at the wiki above.


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Toy Play, Real skill checks!

I don't have a lot of (any) background in pen and paper RPG and I know players are used to and accept die rolls but how about spicing it up a bit, like the Wii did for video games? Or at least list it in the rules as an alternative?

For instance, have an actual puzzle or test that must be completed within a certain amount of time? Handicap would change the amount of time allotted to complete the task.

Test could be anything and again made up by the GM based on the skills of the actual players.

Hook 20 paper clips together
Complete a sheet of 25 single digit multiplication problems
Untie, remove, put back on, and tie your shoes

I think you get the idea. The players would need to actually have some skill, dexterity, physical capability, inteligence, ect.

The downsides I see could be the downtime or theme.

For downtime the RPG could be made to continue while the skill check is occuring. This could even add a real-time element to the game such as, finish the puzzle before X rounds of combat?

With theme the puzzles could always be made more interesting by the GM and the players. The GM could preprint a tablet with symbols to match for a code breaking skill check. A knotted rope for a lockpick to untangle before time runs out, ect.

Being that pen and paper RPG is mostly left up to the narrator and the players creativity/imagination I think it would be a really fun way to interact and play the game.

'Hey, remember the time Jared tried to 'disarm the bomb' [drink a shaken pop can without letting any spill] and it shot all over the place!'

'Or when Pam had to 'gain access to the vault' [complete a simple puzzle] 'before the gaurds showed up' [before Kyle (the GM) could run around the table 5 times] and he totally tripped over John's bag and got a bloody nose! Maybe they should have hired better guards!'

Good times...!

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Food for thought

I love the idea! ... I think it will need to be a different project, but I like it. The SOAR system is already to far along for that sort of re-write but your Idea could be it's own game and stand on its own.

All the developer would need to do is stop the players from actualy fighting and it would be almost finished :-)

It is definitely food for thought.



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