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Sky Barons

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I apologize for the awesome amounts of games I am posting today. Another one today is Sky Barons. You take control of WW1 planes (also applicable to WW2, Sci-fi, steampunk) and try to make it through campaigns or a deathmatch.
Your basic plane has a minimum speed of 2, and a maximum of 3. If you have ever played Graph Racers or Vector Ralley, this will be easy stuff. On your turn, you can use 1 fuel point to accelerate one vector. So 1st turn, your at 0 speed. You could use 1 fuel point, and accelerate to 1 vector speed. If you do nothing next turn, you will travel in the exact same direction with the exact same speed: 1 vector strait ahead. (Vectors are points on graph paper.) So next turn, you would move strait ahead at one vector. You could use a fuel point to turn left or right, or accelerate, or slow down. Here's the thing. All planes have to be moving at a minimum of 2 vectors, or they'll crash. You can upgrade your planes maximum speed. If you run out of fuel, you will decrease your vector by one until you crash. If you land at your base, you get a free refill of gas and free repairs to your ship. Check the pic for other stuff. If you are almost out of gas, you can expend 3 fuel points to loop around, and face directly behind you. Anyways, fun game.

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