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Solo crowd assisted game design?

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PnP Football Manager solo game

Greetings and salutations!

Of late, I've noticed a lot of discussion around solo mode games and their appeal to a large number in the hobby.

I would confidently say, most Pocket Sports fans do play solo when they first purchase one of our games, while rolling for the opposing AI team.

I haven't been very active on the design scene for some time. Life and day job takes the time etc etc.

This week, I went through some old files and looked over a simple D6 solitaire game I had sitting there and decided to do something with it.

It's a Football Club Manager campaign game (of sorts) leading a team through matches, finals, divisions and into the top flight Premier League. Simple die rolls will determine outcomes of each weekly match that accrue points and money for your club. That in turn ca be used to purchase staff that give you dice modifiers, upgrade facilities or buy personnel.

It's only one page as that's as far as I have dived into the design...but I want to try something a little different and have the game develop with the input of solo gamers. Getting their thoughts early on and input can hopefully guide the game forward....a 'crowd' designed game (if that's not already a thing...I'm making it a thing :)

Now, yes, I'm aware it's Football and may not appeal to the masses but that's what Pocket Sports does. Sports.

I've made a vlog about it here.

I'd appreciate any thoughts, feedback on this idea :)

Many kind regards to you all

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You might want to look into this...

Gabe Barrett from the "Board Game Design Lab" Podcast has a "Football Owner" game which IMHO is AWESOME! Here is the video link:

I guess Gabe deleted the older video, as this is the only one I could find.

But yeah Gabe's game is pretty neat (If you ask me...) Definitely a game worthy of publication — IMHO. The game seems like FUN... It's pretty in-detail the way it's all divided into pre-season and season. Where you get players for better dice or for more points, etc.

Anyway it's a different perspective on a similar topic. Take a look, it could help you with the designing of your OWN game.


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I had a look

I had a look at Gabe's video.

If anything, I'm trying to make it less. As far as multiple dice, again, less might be more.....but I do like me some dice :)

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