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Spare Parts

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Each player controls a network of robots delving into technological ruins for wonderous devices and well... Spare Parts. Players control between 3 and 6 Units that compose their character, each unit has six stats Strength, Durability, Connectivicty, Processing Power and Logic. Strength and Durability are constants but all of the other stats are modifiers to the whole networked group. Each unit also has a special ability.
There are three decks of cards, Unit Deck, Parts Deck and Dangers Deck. Each player is dealt out three units to start with and two parts.
If a player has two units or less they must skip their action and then discard half of their Parts cards and draw a new unit card. If a player has more than six units they must discard units until they are down to six. Discarded unit cards go into the discard pile and may be taken later by other players.
A unit is disabled when it recieves damage equal to its Durability and is destroyed if it recieves double of that.
The Parts deck is composed of cards that either give some bonus or gives points. Once the parts deck is empty the game is over. A disabled unit can be repaired using certain abilities or Parts and still belongs to a player unless they choose to discard it. A disabled unit does not count as part of a network. A destroyed unit is removed from the game.
The Parts decks contains an assortment of useful tools and points cards. Once the deck is out the game is over.
The Danger Deck is drawn from each turn and each card is either a Monster, a Trap or a Malfunction. The player drawing the card reads it outloud and follows whatever action is described on the card, normally some sort of roll against stats and if a Danger card is sucessfully completed then some reward is gained, normally parts but sometimes a new unit.
I was originally considering using a board but I'm unsure what it would look like.

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