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Square or Hex based tiles

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Simple question:

I am creating a Tile placing game, set in "Cavemen" period. Gameplay is light, and should also be open to younger players around 8-12 years old.

The tileset will mostly be just roads and rocks, with a few trees here and there. Players use tiles to create road(s) to get to resources and score points (simple version).

During the creation of some playtest tiles, I found that Hex tiles can be pretty hard to lay down, because they simply have so many options to choose from, and I am afraid that younger players may be intimidated by it.

On the other hand, square tiles may be a bit too simple for older players, who prefer more options..

any takers? what would be preferrable?

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simple answer

Why not try both? Create a prototype for both and take both to a Con with you and try squares on one day, hexes on the other. The lay out both on the third day and see which players gravitate to.

You might have something here - especially if you can offer the game in both versions. If you find both are viable, release the square version as a 'JUNIOR EDITION', or perhaps a print-n-play [or vice-versa].

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Something to think on.

I second all the comments from Traz.

Something else to think about is the gameplay. I made a hex version of Carcassonne. Besides new tile types being necessary (connecting roads was fun), the gameplay itself was affected. There may be necessary rule changes between a square and a hex based version of the same game.


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Square tiles simple?

Square tiles don't necessarily make a game too simple... as magic_user said, Carcassonne uses square tiles, and that game doesn't often get accused of being too simple. And simplicity isn't necessarily a bad thing... often it's a very good thing when complex strategies can be built on simple concepts.

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hex or square tiles

i say both, might be a little harder, but thats ok.
Almost like an old fashion bathroom black and white tile floor.
The square tiles kinda lock in the hexes


I can draw it if u like

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