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Story Telling/Group problem solving game

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I have an idea for a time-limited party game for a group of approx 3-10 people that is accessible to groups of differing ages and abilities.

The idea is - you are a group of contestants in a TV game show, and you have been dropped into a jungle. As a group you have to make your way through the jungle, passing various challenges as you go.

There are 4 types of cards - Skills, Characters, Tools and Events.

Each player is assigned a Character card, 2 skill cards, and 3 tool cards.

A timer is set for 15 minutes and in the middle there is a stack of 'Event' cards. Each player takes it in turns to take a card and read it to the group. The group must decide between them how they will solve the problem. So for example the card might say 'Help! I am caught in quick sand! Can you help me escape?"

The group would look at their skills and tools and work out between them how they would 'hypothetically' help the person. Any skills can be re-used, but tools all have a number of uses before they are discarded.

If the players fail to come up with a solution, or if they decide its taking too long, they can vote out a player instead. The vote must be agreed by at least all but one player to pass. So each group member must try to demonstrate their use to the group - either with good ideas, or holding useful skills or tools etc.

Any players still in the group when the pile of Event cards is finished win, or they all lose if the timer runs out.


Has anyone used an 'undefined' story-telling engine like this before? whether the team successfully pass a challenge or not is decided by the team, so ideally they would get involved in the game and play it for the sake of enjoying the challenges. There isn't a rule about whether a solution works or not so the authenticity of a solution would be decided by the group as a whole, but is this putting too much faith in the players?

Does human nature suit this kind of story-telling engine, and are there any games out there that set a precedence?



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Last week, picked up a game called National Geographic Mission:Survival at a thrift store. It has supply cards with three items on them. You encounter dangers and have to describe how you would use one of those items to address the danger.

In the last GDS here, I submitted a game idea where items are played one after another and you have to describe how those items interact to create an element of a viral video.

I believe there are also contraption type games that follow that concept.

So the meme is out there, not sure if anything is quite precedent setting.

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