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Strategy board game - players guide

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I have just finished designing a strategy based board game.
The players guide is complete, so if anyone is prepared to have a look, or play test, let me know.

Dynamic Strategy Game Co

truekid games
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much better than the Get the

much better than the Get the Job game- though there are several things i thought i'd mention:

first- it doesn't really cover the purpose of the towers, other than occupying a space.

second- is there any reason to make a defender rather than a seeker? (it seems like the seekers can do everything the defenders can, plus leave the orb area)

third- it seems like the damage/armor step is extraneous- roughly doubling the length of combat at no real tactical gain. (to note, i do like the basic attack/defense roll setup).

fourth- it seems like there may be some innate balance issues... is there enough value in pursuing the rune coins rather than just rushing the opposing orbs? and if there is enough value in pursuing the the rune coins to offset that, doesn't it distinctly advantage whichever player happens to have more rune coins pop up near him/his characters?

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