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Super Hero board game goes fantasy

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PArt of the city

Thanks for the comments regarding the previous post (Super Hero Board Game)

I have decided to keep a majority of the game mechanics in place while making one major change.

"Where super powers meet swords and sorcery."

In what I hope is a first, I am hard at work making a superhero based fantasy board game. Instead of a modern city, its now a medieval style city. The city will contain everything a fantasy city should including equipment, armor and weapon shops, taverns, prisons, stables and more.

The game is for 2 or more players.
Here is my approach to making combat exciting, and the winning conditions.

Each player generates a hero with either random, or chosen (alternative style) powers and a one of 8 races including two I made up that have never been seen before.

Each player then take a Secret Society card. This card will hold the following information.

Number of Properties the society holds
Number of henchmen
Number of Elites

That player then draws the equal number of cards from the relevant decks and hands them to the player on his right. This player now controls that society during the other players turn. He reveals the controlled locations and places in secret Elites and Henchmen under each building.

Each player in the game has one Super hero, and one opposing society. Think Superman vs. Lex Luther, Spider man vs. The sinister Six.

During the players turn - Daylight - He can buy up any available property. Every property has a bonus, renown, and income.

Owning the Quality used weapon shop would give you a discount on used (worn) weapons, while owning the Thieves guild would allow you to see all the secret society henchmen, Elites without knocking on there door. You can also charge other players if that what to check there own society.

So how do you win then?
Take out your society first.
Reach 100 renown within the city (by owning a lot of property and thus rejuvenating the city)
Defeating other player heroes with there opposing society.

I hope to have a prototype ready soon

9 maps that can be changed around to create a new city layout each time
50 powers
25 Spells
Weapons, armor, and other equipment
Owning every business and guild in town, including unique bonuses that goes with it
Secret society cards
30 Henchmen cards
30 Elite cards
Able to create your own Elites

I will post more soon
Suggestion more than welcome

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Looks interesting. I'm

Looks interesting. I'm currently working on a similar batman game. One player controls batman and his allies while the other player is one of batmans villians with a given number of henchmen. The object of the game is to either reclaim Gotham from the villian, or control a certain portion of the city.

Let me know you decide specifically to do combat.

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Since the game is board based, then players move about the boad depending on there running speed. If they have jump, or climb, they can move onto a building location. There is no flying though.

Combat is checked via dexterity, agility, speed and combat skills. Distance attacks lose strength the further the enemy is away. Players can attempt to knock an opponent back. Knocked back opponents may end up crashing into (or through) buildings. Buildings can be destroyed.

thats just a general over view.

I'm still working out the kinks.

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Who do you feel about a fantasy based super hero game vs a modern game themed one?

Feedback welcome

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How about both games?

I am new to this forum, as I have built a game as well and am trying to learn how to get to the next step. I have enjoyed reading about your first game and now this one. I think they both are different enough that they could both be created...two different genres. They both sound fun! This seems like the kind of game that is a little confusing to read about, but probably smooths out once the game has started and you are actually playing. Examples in the rules section will be a must.

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