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Superhero Team-Up card game (no real title yet)

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This is an idea i've had for quite some time, i want to know what you folks think of it. This is the first time i've put it in writing, so if it's hard to understand or ill formated, i apologize, and do suggest better ways of writing it.

Purpose of the game: Players create various superhero teams to deal with events, hoping to accumulate more legacy points than the opponent by the end of the game.

Each player has a deck of 30 cards, and a smaller deck of 15 event cards sits between them.
There is only one type of card in a player's deck, the Superhero card. Each one represents a different hero with their own look, name and personal motto. There are three stats on a card: Ability, Power, and Legacy. The rim of the card's color represents Ability, while power and legacy are printed. There are six abilities:
Flight,Speed,Agility,Gadget,Elemental, and Strength.
Power is a number one to ten, and so is legacy.
Some heroes have other info on them, this is explained later.
Event cards represent various derring do the heroes derringly do, from saving orphans from a burning building to battling the Devil Doctor (random made up villain) in his mecha. Each one has a legacy rating (5 to 20), and restrictions to what heroes can be used to save the day. Colored circles show what abilities are necessary, a power rating shows how much the total power rating must be to save the day, and if there is a minimum or maximum heroes necessary for the job.
In the beginning of the game, each player draws a hand of five cards, and one event is placed face up in the middle.
The players take turns attempting to create the perfect superhero team for the event, taking the glory (and legacy) of victory when they do.
For example, let's say the event in question is called Bank Robbery. It needs a hero with strength OR Gadget ability, only needs a power rating of 5 in all, up to three heroes can work together on it, and it gives 5 legacy.
Player 1 has a hero called Big Bear (once again, random made up guy), who fills the strength requirement, has a power rating of four, and gives 3 legacy. He/she also plays a hero called Bright Eyes (you can only play up to three heroes per turn, who stay in play until either you or your opponent save the day) , who has flight, a power rating of 6, and gives 5 legacy. Because the power ratings of both heroes add up to more than 5 power points, less than 3 heroes are on the job, and all ability requirements are met, all the event requirements are met, and that event is dealt with. Player one puts the event and the used hero cards in his/her legacy pile. After every turn you discard a card, and at the beginning of every turn you pick a card.
Play continues this way until all events happen, at which time both players count the legacy points in their legacy pile. The player with more legacy wins!

Additional rules:
Some heroes have alliances an rivalries, though not many. For example, Mr. and Ms. Strong would have an alliance. If played together, you score a certain amount of extra legacy points. A rivalry would indicate infighting. So for an example using known superheroes, a team with superman and batman would lose a certain amount of legacy points working together (of course, there wouldn't be any copyrighted heroes in the game).
There are a couple other different rules i've thought of, but this is the basic game.

All suggestions, criticisms, anything is appreciated, really.

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It'd be good to point out

It'd be good to point out that it wasn't a very good decision to use such a powerful character like Bright Eyes on such a simple thing like a bank robbery, when his skills could have been put to better use later, in a more challenging scenario. Unless the game was closing up, and you just wanted the character's legacy points...

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"add up to more than 5 POWER, less than three heroes on the job, and all ability requirements are met, all the event requirements are met, and that event is dealt with."
"There are SIX abilities."

(I dealt with this, when i discovered the edit button. Aheh.)

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Interesting idea. Let me just

Interesting idea.

Let me just see if I have the jist of it.

A caper flips up between the two players. They take turns laying down heroes from their hands until they solve the case?

I think this game could be a lot of fun and have lots of neat heroes in it, adding lots of theme.

But as it stands I think this might be a bit too simple. Maybe if there were multiple crimes taking place at the same time, multiple crimes face up in the middle and you could play a hero on any of them, then you could see what your opponent is working on and try to steal if from them, or try something different. It would add some choices.

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Two things I'm confused

Two things I'm confused about:

First off, why would you discard your hero cards at the end of each round? The idea is that you are trying to build up a super hero team (like the X-men, Watchmen, etc), right? Wouldn't you keep them around until they get killed or something?

Also, I think I missed the point of character Legacy. If BearMan had a legacy of 3, does that mean you get 3 legacy points for playing him? Or does it cost points to play him?

And yeah, I do agree that the game might be more dynamic if there were more than one event going on at a time.

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Similar games

Reading through your post it seemed similar to some other games I own and play occasionally.

Justice League MegaClash (2 player):
Loot (2-4 player or 2-4 teams):

In JLMC you flip over 5 battle areas and each use your decks (Villians vs Superheroes) to win 3 of the 5 battles for victory. All the cards have numbers (0-9) which must be played in sequential order the winner being whoever can get the last card on the stack. You can play as many cards on your turn as you have, then I think you draw your hand back up to 5 or something. There are also a few special cards which let you freeze stacks and other such.

In Loot every player can do one thing on their turn, play a merchant ship (points) in front of them, play a pirate ship on any merchant ship, or draw. There are four colors of pirate ships and you can't play a color someone else is already using. If it goes around the table and no one has played on your merchant ship you get it. Or if it goes around the table and you have the highest value of pirates on another merchant ship you win it.

As for your game I think its a good start.

1) What is the point of making them discard? If they are playing and discarding on every turn but only drawing one card each turn there will be several turns of just drawing before a team can be assembled to win.
2) What is the point of playing on an event if you can't win it and the other player has the advantage? Most likely they are going to win and you will just lose some of your superheroes. I would just save up for the next hopefully more valuable one. Like with loot there should be some sort of 'must defeat other superhero team by 5 power' or somesuch. Something to add tension to the conflict over who will save the day. Maybe something like evey hero played on an event adds to the 'save the day' total. So playing my hero will actually help the other player meet the requirements but if mine is of sufficient power (or whatever) then I could still win the trick. Other modifications would need to be made as well but that would add tension.
3) Why only one event at a time? Since the game is fairly simple and would be played fairly quickly there should be some other options. Do I go for the low one uncontested or fight for the high one? Do I spread all my heroes out in hopes of winning several or focus on 1-2 I know I will win? Can I use a Nemesis card to occupy Superhero X so that I can save the day?

I would recommend buying and playing the two card games I mentioned. You should be able to find them both at Target/Walmart for under $5 each. Good luck!

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