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Superheros with powers?

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Joined: 05/11/2009

Can anyone think of superheros with powers, each power better than the last and perhaps this can be mixed with a superheros phsical body?

Joined: 08/13/2010
Here's an idea

If you're talking a superpower themed card or board game. There was an idea for a mechanic I had a while back.

Each superhero would have 5 Skill Icons. their 5 skills could be any combination of the following:
Strength, Speed, Psychic, Defense, Fly, Elemental, Agility, Energy, Mystic, Mecha, Morph, Fighting

For example, a superhero like Spider-Man, would have the Skills: Agility, Agility, Agility, Strength, Fighting. Or a superhero like the Hulk would have: Strength, Strength, Strength, Defense, Defense. Or Storm from the X-Men would have: Elemental, Elemental, fly, fly, Mystic.

And separate from the superheroes, you would have the Superpower cards. Each superpower would fall into one of the above skills. For example, a superpower called "Giga Punch" would be a strength skill. Only a superhero who has "Strength" as one of their 5 skills can use this superpower. Not only that, but if a superhero like the Hulk (who has 3 strength skill icons) uses the Giga Punch, it will be 3 times as affective.

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