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Superstore Assassin (not official title)

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Isaac Flores
Joined: 02/06/2016

This game in essence is a variation of "Walmart tag", Walmart tag is a friendly game of tag, but in a big superstore. In my game, everyone is dealt 1 card (their assassin), every player has a target to "kill" (tag on the back) and a pursuer (trying to do the same to them). There's a stipulation though, every assassin kills in a different way. If your assassin is a prowler, then you have to be alone with your target to kill them. Where as another assassin card says that you must be with a third party to pull off the kill.

This is where I get stuck with my idea. I don't know if it would be better to know the person that you have to assassinate or not. If you don't know who is playing as your target, how do you find out? My initial thought was that you know you target (not their card, just the person) "I know I have to kill Joe, but what assassin is he?". But you don't know the person playing as your pursuer, but you know their card "The prowler is my pursuer, but who is it?".

I guess the reason I'm posting this is to get some help from more experienced game designers, any ideas would be helpful.

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Look at 1313 Dead End Drive

Look at 1313 Dead End Drive for inspiration. That game gives everybody secret characters that are trying to kill each other and creates tension regarding who is who by letting players move ANYBODY, regardless of whether or not that player has that character.

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Reminds me a bit of those

Reminds me a bit of those online games you play where some people are the bad guys and some the good guys and each turn you nominate who is the killer.

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why in a store?

Does where you are in the store effect your changes of killing or escape? You could have it in a junk yard or a museum if you wanted to. Is the store a board and if so how much of it is fixed and to what degree can the layout of the stor be customised and randomised?
Can you pick up/manufacture weapons or do you need to bring them with you, must you draw weapons cards to see what you start off with? How do you move? Do different assassins have different stats like you'd find in RPGs? Can you use indirect methods such as (example may be totally irrelevant depending on how you answer the previous questions) one player gets to the fuse box and cuts power to the store, this plunges the store into darkness, players' perception is dramatically decreased and their chances of knocking canned goods down and making a hell of a racket (giving away their position) increases. Players suffer a penalty in firing ranged weapons, etc... (?)

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