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System: The Customisable Hacker Card Game!

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Spark of Genius :D

So a new idea has come to me!

Instead of various System Cards, Assume there is one System Card per player with X (Say 10) Life. When damage is dealt to the System, the defending player places the top card of their deck under it to show how much damage it has taken.

This System also contains various effects the opponent may activate if they have dealt sufficient damage. However, to activate said effects they must discard a number of cards underneath the System Card until the damage is equal to number need to activate the effect previous to the current effect being activated.


System 10 Life
1 Damage - Draw A Card
3 Damage - Destroy a Card

The System is currently at 3 Damage. The Player chooses to activate the effect to destroy a card, so he then removes two of the cards underneath it to the System's Owner's discard pile to revert back down to the previous effect.

So essentially, to activate these effects, your also simultaneously helping your opponent and creating this back and forward momentum. Your trading Damage Tempo for Card Vantage.

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