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Tarot like card game

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I probably talked about it in the past. I had some new ideas to revive an old idea where each player were using a small set of tarot like card. Originally, I was thinking that players could play cards in a celtic cross spread and that the position where the card played had different effect. In the end, each card had at least 5 different ways that could be used.

Now the biggest problem was the players objectives. I did not know why people placed cards into play and how were they going to interact with their opponnent.

My new idea that unlocked the game is that I could create somethings like twilight struggle where the cards you play influence the board. The map will be very simple, 4 areas per players, and player will play cards to place and move cubes on the board. If different players share a territory, a fight occurs.

The cards will be played in front of each player following a card spread inspired on tarot card spread. The location played changes the effect of the card.

Now since each card have many effects, having a hand of 5 card could become very brain burning. So in order to keep the idea of fate behind the tarot deck, I thought that you could draw the top card from the deck and decide where in your spread you want to play the card. So you have no control on which card you play but rather on where you play it.

I thought you could have a card in reserve, or have a hand of 2 cards, so that you have more choices. People who likes brain burning games could simply increase the number of cards in hands.

Combat would be resolved with dice, but again, if you like to calculate, you could play without dices.

What do you think?

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