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theme idea about filling up and expanding

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I have a sort of area control idea in mind the involves placing cubes in a certain area but that area has a limit to how many cubes it have hold. Once it fills up, cubes can expand into adjacent areas (that are empty at the beginning). Thanks in advance for suggestions.

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I've seen this before somewhere...

Have you played Pandemic? In a sense, if enough disease cubes fill a given city, they "outbreak" into surrounding cities. That's one of fastest ways to lose, so you've got to prevent each city from popping. It makes for a great mechanic that allows the players to visually see their doom approaching.

It's got great development potential, but I really don't know what else to add to the thread: it's rather vague at this point.

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sounds like how

sounds like how gentrification works when hipsters move into a neighborhood...

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Hipsters, funny. Imagine a

Hipsters, funny.

Imagine a ring/square/rectangle with 10 connected areas. When every other area gets filled up to capacity, the overflow goes to the in-between spaces resulting in possibly all 10 spaces having pieces in them by the end of the game. This is done on individual player boards so players won't be competing for individual spaces but rather trying to fill up and score their own player board. Players will be collecting cards that say "add two pieces" to this specific area. Scoring will be based on how many pieces certain locations have at the end.

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overflow theme

Card play along with cube placement is good, where cards manipulate the fill side (e.g., add 2 extra cubes of your color, remove one opponents cube, etc). Make filling up good but overflowing bad. Get points for fill; lose points for spill. Everyone must fill one container at a time. This is all mechanics, though. Not theme. Right now it is simply abstract. Theme would be more like saying "in this game, you are crows putting pebbles in a glass of water. You want to fill up the glass to drink, but not too much to spill any of that precious water." Maybe, there are diferent sized "cubes" that can cover multiple squares or single squares.

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