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Theme idea- build, break, build

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Trying to think of an idea similar to something like Galaxy Trucker where you build up something, it breaks down or gets destroyed and then you try to repair/build it again. Some ideas I'm not completely satisfied with.

-Starfish arms
-City/buildings under siege

The Chaz
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Quick question: who/what is doing the breaking-down?

Is the game reducing your creation (e.g. Galaxy Trucker), or are other players attacking you (e.g. war games, Dominant Species, etc.)?

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Mechanically, the idea is

Mechanically, the idea is players will be drafting tiles and trying to create sets but players will have to discard some of the tiles during the game. Discards will occur randomly during the game, not by other players, but by two or three random events that you will have some control over as far as defense.

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You can use the assembly,

You can use the assembly, breaking mechanics for all sorts of things. No need to limit yourself to a single type of construct. My first thought were Robot soldiers in a battle-zone, but you could 'construct and break' all sorts of things. For example, continuing with a military theme, you could construct organizational structures and supply lines, and the have the game throw crises and obstacles at you that test your the stability of the system you created.

Other, more concrete ideas.

- Mage Towers

- Post-apocalyptic bunkers

- Space stations (a bit similar to Galaxy Trucker in theme, but maybe you could go a little bit more hard sci-fi?)

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Thanks for the additional

Thanks for the additional suggestions.

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Random ideas

Different types of birds sitting in a tree, who occasionally fly off or get eaten by the cat.

Early Civilizations accumulating different types of technology/learning, who occasionally lose it due to wars or plagues.

Miners collecting different types of gems, trying to stop the gremlins from stealing them.

Different types of coral growing on a reef, occasionally destroyed by passing trawlers.

Different types of bacteria growing on a computer mouse, which are occasionally destroyed by an alcohol swab.

Workers accumulating experience / skills / favor points with the boss, which are occasionally destroyed by bad decisions or coming to work late.


Ernest Abacus
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Makeshift rafts used to

Makeshift rafts used to escape from junk island

The dyke, each lost piece is a leak.

Similarly it could be a pipe building game with some area elements. A sort of 80s post-nuclear theme where radioactive waste is being siphoned by mutants or just poor people outside of sealed cities. They build pipes to get energy, but don't want to get radiation poisoning... MORE radiation poisoning.

It could be sunscreen. hehe, and play in the water wears it off.

Each player could be building their own tower of Babel, first to heaven wins!

Children competing to keep their weird snow men alive through snowy nights and too warm days.



I suppose it could also be memory. Like the theme is students trying to hold onto facts which have to be in a certain order to be arguments or speeches, or stories from history.

But it really should be a Voltron game.

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I second the motion on anthills

And put a timer on it!!!

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