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Theme/mechanic tweaks

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So I'm considering some mechanic tweaks for one of my games along with a re-theme.

The general idea is card drafting/set collection. There will be four piles of cards and players will be able to choose from cards that are flipped from these piles.

Mechanic- I've been thinking about something like Bohnanza where you collect a certain amount of cards and then flip them over ("harvest") them for coins. However, I want this chain to continue so once one side is flipped, you eventually turn that side over to trigger another card that will score for more points. So for example, four reds are flipped to their blue side, three blue cards are then discarded leaving one blue worth more points than the four reds. Then there is a purple card that requires two blues to flip the purple to the yellow side, etc. Basically, the distribution of cards will look like an Org Cart. Can you think of any games like this?

Theme- Here are some themes that might work but I don't find compelling at this point:

raw materials>intermediate good>final product
Seeds>flowers>flower arrangement

Any other ideas? Thanks again.

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I was thinking about a

I was thinking about a similar way to get cards in a DB game, with five decks instead of four, but anyway the main difference is that my game was not a set collection. Back to to your idea: I like the idea of "flipping" the card to score more points.
The "flowers" theme is really nice! It's original, and it fits very well with the concept of "scoring with different sets". For example, you can give points for a bunch of roses (only red cards), and also for a flower arrangement of roses, daffodils, cornflowers and calla lilies* (one red, one yellow, one blue and one white card).

My 2 cents.

* I must thank my wife for the advice about flower types :)

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Thanks for the feedback. The

Thanks for the feedback. The flower idea does seem to really lend itself to the mechanic.

I was hoping for something a little more quirky or unusual.

How about this? Players start out in basic training and make their way through the ranks seeing how far they can get promoted:

Officer example:

Enlisted example:
Airman>Senior Airman>Staff Sergeant>Master Seargeant>Chief Master Sergeant

Might be popular with the wargame crowd. :-)

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