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For those who like to play with fire

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This is a new creation of mine. I've been trying to simplify my games enough where it is easy to learn but hard to master.

My new idea is getting closer.

For now, my "Fire Game" (feel free to shout out names) is set in a place in time where arson is a sport and fire can be controlled. Players fight to the death in an area control strategy game in order to have their name burn bright throughout history!

With the theme changing some of the item names will most likely change (also eligible for names)


Fire Game:

Game Board:
Will have a grid with squares big enough for small tiles with fire to be pasted on
(Board size unknown)


Fire pieces
Character pieces
Character mats


Fire Attributes:

(Heat) where fire can spread

(Strength) how hard it is to put out

(Color) what kind of fire


Catchable Items:

(Kindling) 1 strength fire and

(Wood) 3 strength fire

(Oil) 5 strength fire

(Gasoline) three 2 strength fires


Fire Starters:

(Match) starts kindling and gives fire abilities. One use.

(Lighter) starts kindling, wood, gasoline. Unlimited use.

(Blow Torch) starts everything, can blow up if you pick up gasoline


Special Items:

(Water) puts out 1 strength fire

(Fire Extinguisher) puts out all adjacent fires

(Fire Suit) can walk on fire, discarded when you land back on a regular space

(Skill Points) enables you to buy Skills


Player Skills:

(Start Skill) how many fires able to be made in one action

(Speed Skill) how many spaces moved/spread in one action

(Health Skill) how many burns in order for death

(Pick Skill) how many cards can be picked up

(Action Skill) how many actions per turn can be used



Be the last one standing, make four oil fires, or burn down the last house


Fire Colors:

(yellow) kindling fire

(red) fire only able to spread on kindling. Needed for oil fire.

(blue) can move anywhere without kindling

(green) when you connect with an opponents fire

(purple) will let you through but not the enemy

(black) mobile fire that leaves a trail of yellow fire




Action List:

Move: moving your character piece

Spread: moving fire pieces

Make: making a fires

Pick: picking up cards

Convert: changing fire colors

Discard/Trade: trading one card for another



House: will either burn down with you in it or give you bonuses

Barrels: gives you a bonus

Dry Leaves: one lit fire can burn multiple spaces

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