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Thoughts on First-Person Card-Driven Semi-Coop Civil War idea?

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Hey all - Just wondering if anyone thinks this might be a worthy project:
Each player takes on the role of a Civil War soldier on a Force March. Starting with a standard compliment of equipment, marching orders are given. There would be terrain and weather cards, some sort of timeline, and fatigue stats to track. Each soldier would be subject to the usual Civil War encounters: disease, bad food, various skirmishes, random commands, etc. I imagine this somewhat cooperative as each helps the other to survive, etc. Could be played by a large number of folks if the randomness doesn't get out of hand. Objective: to survive a certain number of days in the infantry. Think this an idea is worth pursuing?

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I like the concept, just not

I like the concept, just not sure about the theme. I mean a game taking place during Civil War era sounds great, but I don't know how many people will want to play as a soldier trying to survive a death march.

But like I said, I like all the other ideas! Would it maybe be more fun/interesting if it was more of an exciting expedition you were trying to survive? Like if you play as scientists/explorers lost in the Amazon?

I think you should take all of the mechanics and ideas about game play, keep them, but try different themes.

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