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Token Drawing Game - Playable on a walk

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Me and my wife reciently had a baby, and I wanted to devise a game simple enough to be played with one hand while on a walk that was still fun. I would love to hear anyone’s recommendations for games that could work like this. One of the constraints i want to make with this game is that it only contains tokens and a bag. (6 shapes X 5 colors = 30 tokens)

Players draw tokens out of their bag. Each token has an effect that happens as it is drawn, which help players manipulate the tokens in their possession. Tokens have both a shape and color. The shape can be felt from inside the bag, and the shape is linked to the effects. The color comes into play with winning the game. and getting 3 of the same color to win.

I am a little lacking in the theme department. The only thing i can think of is collecting specific colored animals for a zoo. Suggestions are welcome

On your turn, draw a token from your bag, resolving its action. Tokens drawn stay in your hand, and can be affected by other tokens.
Tokens: (using a few sets of polyhedral dice as they are uniform shapes, and different colors)
D4 Re-activate an ability from a token in your hand
D6 swap with bank for a different colored token of the same shape
D8 other player can't win their next turn
D10 swap with opponent’s hand tokens of your choice
D12 hold this and two other like colors to win
D20 Return at least one token to the bank

Whenever you have 3 tokens including the D12 of the same color, and no red tokens, you win!

Design Considerations:
The game needs enough token shapes to feel like players are making strategic decisions, and enough colors to make the game last longer than a few seconds.

I don’t want to make it the token equivalent of Gin Rummy- draw a tile, discard a tile, wait till you get the right ones. But i also don’t want it to feel like you need to keep track of each 30 tokens like card counting. Light strategy and a good healthy portion of luck would be perfect.

Red Tokens: this is intended to give you something to want to throw away making the D20 token useful

D12 “Hold this and two like colors to win” doesn’t need to be here, it is just adding a shape. Without it, the player could win with any 3 or so tokens of like color.

D8 “Other player can’t win their next turn” I wanted some sort of defensive move, but I’m not sure if this token does more than give you more shape options. It doesn’t particularly help the player

I am toying with the idea of a discard pile and a hand limit of about 4 tokens, but I don’t want to add the complication of needing a table to play.

Anyone see any glaring flaws or have any good suggestions for me? Thanks in advance! First post here, I'm so glad i found this community.

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Great ideas! And welcome!

This is such a cool idea! A game on the move is so awesome!

Suppose you could go with collecting colored balloons, or cars, or ice cream cones... (You could do more adult themes that would be something for the parents to relate to, but I'm not sure about going there... :) )

I can see the bag having a hook to hang it on a baby stroller so you don't have to carry it.

I think perhaps instead of can't win next turn, it could be "Other player must discard one"

I think I would discard back into the bag.

I don't see any glaring flaws.

This is a great idea! Keep going! Can't wait to see what you come up with!


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Losing and Dropping

I would be most concerned about losing or dropping tokens drawn from and returned to a bag: walking in nature, managing a baby (and all that one typically carries around with little kids), trying to hold multiple things in one hand, and so on. The possibility of losing a piece - and never seeing it again or realizing you even dropped it - is high.

There's also the potential that if you drop something - either the bag or tokens - you'll drop it into something that soils it. Water, mud, and even animal droppings are all over the place out there. I'd be concerned for the longevity of the game unless it was made with durable and/or washable materials.

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What if instead of being held

What if instead of being held in the hand, they are attached to a bracelet like charms and worn on the wrist? This would decrease the likelihood of them being dropped and would generally free up the hand. If the bag is attached via a ring to the stroller, and the "in play" tokens are attached to a bracelet, only the newly drawn pieces would be in danger of being dropped.

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Wearable and Tactile

JustAnEye wrote:
What if instead of being held in the hand, they are attached to a bracelet like charms and worn on the wrist?
I could see a Blue Orange (a family game publisher, FYI) game come out of this idea.

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I agree with the risk of dropping things

I agree with the risk of dropping things. Then again, I drop at least 5 things when I play games at a table, too... ;)

The pieces could all be plastic, or coated to protect from the elements...


What if the pieces were rings that you could wear on you fingers?


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