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Townfolks - Citybuilding pure card game

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Townfolks is a card game that revolves around building a dwelling place , a city
to live and thrive in, a town to call your own!

Recently prophecies of good and bad events that will unfold have circulated among the nomads from the land of Lorma. Afraid of the horrible things that have been foretold and hoping for a chance to prosper the nomads have decided to settle down and build the first towns in the history of Lorma. It is due time for the nomads to become townfolks.

The entier rules

What id like to know
Hi this is an Idea I'm working on feel free to comment and come with suggestions. I started the work a couple of days ago so it is far from finished. Probably contains myriads of spelling errors but I'm hoping you get a good idea of the mechanics. I would like to get information about what could make player player interactions fun in this type of non random game. Also Id like some ideas for buildings and prophecies.

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Needs more detail

To evaluate the idea, we need more detail. What are the sorts of prophecies? What are the mechanics for generating food, more townspeople, defenses, etc.

There certainly are a number of town-building worker placement games, but adding the prophecies might be an interesting twist.

I would suggest, however, that rather than a single prophecy that will definitely come true at a known time, you make this a little random. For instance, you might have 4 prophecies, dealt out in two pairs. Call them A, B, C, And D.

Each year, roll a d6.
1: A occurs, B is discarded
2: B occurs, A is discarded
3: C occurs, D is discarded
4: D occurs, C is discarded
5 or 6: No prophecy occurs.

Any prophecy that occurs or is discarded is replaced with a new one from the deck. Any one that neither occurs nor is discarded stays where it is, perhaps to happen in a future year.

This would mean that the players can work towards one prophecy and hope that it eventually happens, or they might find two prophecies that are similar enough that they can kind of work towards both.

You could make the selection of the prophecy to occur be more complicated, and involve something that the players can affect by having their workers spend time praying or sacrificing resources. This, of course, would have an opportunity cost, since it means that the workers aren't doing something more productive. Of course, it should not be possible for any player to guarantee one prophecy over the other, only influence its likelihood. Two players might get into a war trying to cause competing prophecies to occur, to the benefit of the other players.

Joined: 08/24/2014

I am still working on the details I will fill it in when I have come further.

Two design decisions I have made prevent me from using a dice.

* First of all the only elements in the game can be cards
* Secondly I want to minimize randomness.

The prophecies could still occur or not based on what buildings or how many people there are. What do you think about that? Perhaps even their effect can change based on certain conditions based on what buildings are built. That way player interaction will increase. Since buildings are only shown once completed this makes for a some great mechanics perhaps something occurs if the total religion is over 10 and some thing else occurs if people count is higher than say 8. This way you can fool your friends. :D

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