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Train Robbery Game

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A few weeks ago I released a game idea on this forum and got enough replies to make another one based off the same game. (I hope this is allowed). After reading through them, I have these updated thoughts that I'd appreciate you sharing your opinion on. I do suggest, however that you read my previous post on this as it may include my opinion that I forgot to mention this time around.

So, to set up the game, the two players decide between being the robbers or the civilians. The civilian organizes his four characters within the restricted areas. These areas include the four bedrooms, or the dining area. The other player selects the locations for his two robbers wherever he chooses upon the board. The board will be double sided, one side a train layout and the other a plane. Some players are advantaged dependent on what map they are selected for. The selection of characters is random and the civilian player strategically chooses the board he wants, dependent on his characters.

In their turn, both players begin in the movement stage, where the civilian player moves first, followed by the robbers. Then, if any actions are possible, and the player wishes to do them, this can be done. Some actions involve fighting, while some involve breaking open a safe or picking locks with certain equipment.

These 'certain equipment' will be of a wide range, mainly focusing on weaponry. Hopefully, the game will involve creativity as players can choose whether to pick a lock with a knife or save it for a later confrontation.

The objective for the robbers will be to escape with the treasure or kill the opposition, while for the civilians it will be to remain when the cops arrive or kill the opposition. The robbers will have to try to also deduct who their main threat is, as one of the four civilians was strategically added with a hero card.

Let me know what you think of this game so far, suggestions will be highly appreciated!

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