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Train robbery game, overdone theme?

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Joined: 05/19/2013

Worried I'm wandering into a saturated theme here but I've turned up limited results so far. Was contemplating a game revolving around sending team to rob trains. Closest game I found was this:

But Train Robber combines it's own network building system that I wasn't looking into.

I'm picturing an auction system where you both hire and equip your team, who then board one of a number of trains on the board. From there I'm picturing something of a press your luck system, each car of the train you move through carries a reward/risk situation, such as drawing from a deck that either contains goods you may steal or a risk such as police, a trap, perhaps angry livestock. Proceed too far and risk what your team has collected. Probably involve easy/medium/hard train cars with correspondingly increasing rewards and risks.

So, there's a ton of train games but I'm not seeing a lot of ones focusing on robberies other than the above and The Great Train Robbery game. I'm curious if anyone else knows of others, and if it's not over saturated, what they think of the idea above.

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Yes and No

Yes there are a lot of train games. However not alot of train robbery games I can think of. Perhaps now is a good time for a train robbery game. I for one an getting sick of building track for those damn rail barons to get fat on. Its about time we start taking them down a peg.

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As long as you don't do

As long as you don't do zombie train robbers, I think you'll be fine. :-)

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StagCutlery you just ruined

StagCutlery you just ruined the expansion! There's always steampunk I guess... :)

Thanks for the input both of you, I likewise was having trouble exploring both my mental library of games as well as BGG for similar games, and it does seem to be something not overdone.

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I've actually been working on

I've actually been working on a Train robbery game for the last year! Should be out in a couple months!

Definitely not a saturated market. The only other game I found with this theme came out in the 70s.

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