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Trying to create a card game for my next RPG session

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I debated if I should put this here or on the d20 forums, but I figured you guys could give more insight into board game mechanics, and you're all a little more friendly. :P

Basically, I'm running a RPG campaign every Saturday and in this week's session the players will come across a Demon who will force the players to play a card game for their ally's life. The party will pick one player to play the card game, while the rest of the players are the game pieces.

The Goal of the "pieces" is to safely navigate their way through a game board where they will have various monsters thrown at them (cards played by the Demon), while the chosen player will play cards to help defend them. And naturally the goal of the demon is to kill the pieces.

Now, I could just have the player's deck stacked and have the game go the same way every time, but I'd prefer to have a real card game made that is SLIGHTLY stacked in the party's favor(I don't want to kill all my players in one session. XD)

My base for the game would be to have a 5x10 "grid" that cards can be played on. The demon will place "room" cards on the board, which the pieces enter. Each room card will have 1-3 exits, and have some challenge for the pieces to overcome. The Demon will get draw a room card every time he plays one. The player will play "support cards" which help the pieces in some way. The player gets to draw new support cards whenever the pieces leave a room.

The pieces start in the center space of the side with five spots, they have to move through a minimum of 9 cards before exiting the board and winning. The player will get to draw one card when the pieces move forward towards the exit side of the board, and will gain two-three if they move to the left or the right. So the pieces have to choose if they want to reach the end quickly, to not risk facing a hard encounter, or if they want to move sideways and delay for more support.

Comments, criticism, ideas, suggestions?

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