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Unnamed Depth Perception "Competitive Puzzle" Concept

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Space Cadet
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Hi all,

I came up with this concept a few days ago. It is more of an abstract strategy game than a board game.

Basically, it is a game of depth perception (or lack thereof) and dimensions. Players try to make their way up five levels by placing cubes and moving. However, every round, the entire board rotates 90 degrees, and players must change their strategy. Cubes that were once beneficial to the player now block their piece from existence. Cubes can only be played on in two dimensions and there is no depth. This is a little abstract, so hopefully I can show you better than telling you.

Above view of mockup board

P1 Start Game View

P1 Move 1, Place Cube

P2 Start Game View (And P1 Move 2)

P2 MOVE 1, Place Cube

P1 Move 2, Move Piece

P1 is Blocked By Blue Cube, Does Not Exist, Can only Place Cube

P1 Is Now Visible, Can Move from White to Blue

There are very few rules at the moment so unfortunately I can't give much information. It is a concept at the moment.

I would love to hear any comments and whether something like this already exists. Also, this is probably a little confusing so feel free to ask questions. I am happy to explain further,


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It reminds me of a flash game I played, a platformer where you moved only in two dimensions, but the certain actions would cause your perspective to shift by 90 degrees, so things that were far away might be adjacent. I spent a couple of minutes trying to search for it, but I couldn't find it.

Anyway, I think it's an original concept, but it might be challenging to make a game that people don't unintentionally cheat. After all, they are really looking down at the game and can see the third dimension. Unless you really expect people to pick it up so that they really are just seeing it from the side? I don't think people really would do that.

Space Cadet
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Thanks for the response. I

Thanks for the response.

I was beginning to think that I did an awful job explaining it (and maybe that is still the case).

I played a game by Digipen, I think it was called Perception which gave me the idea. Also, I think Fez has a similar mechanic, but I haven't played it.

You have a valid point and I have a couple of solutions, though because of different table heights, player heights, etc., none are 100% fool proof.

1. Each layer has a new color. In the pictures, white is the first layer applied, then blue. Black is just the board. If the third layer is say, orange, it would be obvious that they jumped up two levels. So that hopefully solves the vertical problem.

2. Horizontally, my idea is to have lines on the board in a tic tac toe fashion, running perpendicular to eachother. Additionally, each block would have lines on all four sides so that the player can easily sea which blocks are in which row from their perspective.

3. Suggest to players to place the board on top of the box. This is the least attractive of the solutions but it is an option.

I still need to work on the rules and the mechanism itself has some challenges. I will keep this in mind while prototyping though. I have played the game with my brother and this has not posed a problem to us so far. But obviously the game is more straightforward to the person who created it than anybody else.

Thanks for your input. I appreciate any comments from a perspective other than my own.

Space Cadet
Joined: 01/16/2015
I will try to make a video in

I will try to make a video in the near future to show how this is all works.

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