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What do overlapping cards remind you of?

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Can you think of a thematic idea of when one card is placed to overlap another? I have in mind of placing one card on top of another forming a cross shape wih the new card on top changing the landscape of the card underneath it, e.g., gravel on lower card and a paved road when the new card is placed on it. One game that sort of does this is Vom Kap bis Kairo:

Thanks in advance as always.

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Theme ideas.

Cake decorating!
Quartermaster (equipping soldiers with armour and weapons)
Shopkeeper (stacking shelves with items)
Cooking (mixing ingredients with utensils and cooking methods)
Brewmaster/Cocktail Bartender (get the mixes right)

If you add in hidden knowledge by flipping one or both cards, then that could open up even more thematic opportunities. Treasure hunting, traffic jams, stock markets... too many!

Willi B
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is a game that has been in the works since 1999. The card (a back of card design) aligns with other copies of the card to form 360' webs. Aligning at the center of the gemstones, the web completes with 4 cards (red) to 9 cards (violet).

I would have uploaded those webs, but the file size is too big.


Actually, a little used blog has a skewed image of 9 cards and another game I am working on here:

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Nice web artwork!

Nice web artwork!

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Layers upon Layers!

My first thought was instrument tracks that build up a song; anything construction or food oriented could work. Maybe a game about bridges and valleys or rivers?

Good luck!

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Nothing beyond what's been mentioned, but it sounds fun

Could be interesting for a city building type of thing, especially if you add a speed element to it - i.e. players have to make quick decisions, draw new cards, and be the first one to achieve the goal. Since there would be that hasty decision making, players would have to adapt to the cards they have and find solutions for previous mistakes (Oh crap! I laid gravel there but I'm not getting any asphalt cards. Maybe I can use this sod card and this playground card to turn it into a park!) . . . Okay, that might be kind of a dumb example, but I think you've hit on something with a lot of potential.

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There is a card game called

There is a card game called 'Node' that employs overlapping cards. The theme is that you are a computer hacker competing against other hackers and you are trying to control the most sectors which are created/expanded by laying and overlapping cards with colored squares on them.

Maybe some inspiration for you.

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