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Where to Start With my New Idea?

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I'm totally new to this, but I've half-designed a variant of 'Risk'. It's not quite like the other variants out there (in other words it's not about 'war') but it uses similar rules and game play.

So how do I move this forwards to see if it's publishable?

Obviously I need to complete the design and get it tested. But I wasn't sure about licensing issues if I used exactly the same rules of Risk.

Or, licensing issues if I decide to steer it away from Risk and just use Risk as the original inspiration? This appeals to me the most actually, but can you publish a new game that you kind of stole the main idea from Risk (and then built upon it?)

Any help would be really appreciated. I know the intended market for this and I'm keen to complete it. I think people will find it useful (educational even) as well as fun.


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unfortunately, offering a

unfortunately, offering a variant or "fixed" versions of popular games is both extremely common and not very easy to get off the ground.

There are thousands of fixed or variant versions of Chess, Risk, Monopoly, etc. Yours would have to stand out QUITE a bit to get noticed. On top of that, approaching Hasbro with it has a distinctly less than 1% chance of working out for you. So I'd recommend if you're gung-ho about your concept, that you try and alter/remove the Risk-based mechanics. There IS a market for good wargames out there, and being a "Risk" game will usually work against you in that market.

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Thanks for your help there - really appreciate. Actually, it's not a war game. I'm just using the risk based mechanics for another type of game in a different market. I'll keep thinking it through anyway. Has anyone written anything on the steps to take to move your idea forwards to possible publishing?

I understand going through Hasbro would be hard and that there would probably be smarter ways to bring your game to market than hitting the big names head on...


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what mechanic of risk are you

what mechanic of risk are you thinking of using? risk only has like 3 mechanics (dice attacks/defense, cards for conquering, and reinforcements for controlled space are all that come to mind). now if you are going to use them all then your basically playing risk under a different name. even adding some to it often ends up just being a complicated risk (risk 2120 or risk lord of the rings). So maybe explain your idea a little more and you'll get more specific feedback!

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