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Who Flung Poo?! (Full Theme/Design - Need Input)

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Story: You have discovered an opposing monkey in your territory and now it's ON like donkey kong! The only way to settle this is with a good ole poo flinging fight, but you need ammo. Move around the jungle finding allies and collecting food to help you produce ammo while avoiding predators.

Players: 2-4

Pieces of the Game:
39 Jungle Map Cards: These are the 6x6 grid playing areas. (Explained more below)
1 Jungle Map Starter Card: This is the initial 6x6 grid playing area that all player will start from.
4 Monkey Token: Different colored tokens to represent each player.
7x4 Stamina Cards: These represent a player's stamina, which depletes each time their token moves.
5x4 Monkey Ally Cards: These are 4 sets of the 5 different monkey allies you may encounter during the game that can help you.
7x4 Item Cards: These are 4 sets of the the different items you can carry during the game.
100 Poo counters: These are the counters you will use to track your total ammo.
2 D6 Dice.

Things on the Jungle Map:
Light Green Space: ground space that requires 1 stamina to move to.
Dark Green Space: tree space that requires 1 stamina to move to and 1 to climb (2 total).

Boa constrictor: Predator found only in tree spaces, if your monkey touches this predator you lose 3 stamina.
Jaguar: Predator found only on (2) ground spaces, if your monkey touches this predator you lose 3 stamina.

Banana: Food source found only in tree spaces. You may eat the banana immediately or save it for later (take a banana item card from pile). However, you may only carry 1 banana at a time. Eating a banana restores 3 stamina and produces 1 poo counter.

Nut: Food source found only on ground spaces. In order to access the nut inside the shell you must have a rock to crack the nut. Once cracked you may eat the nut immediately or save it for later (take a nut item card from pile). However, you may only carry 1 nut (cracked or uncracked) at a time. Eating a nut restores 4 stamina and produces 2 poo counters.

Bug: Food source found in logs only on ground spaces. In order to access the bug inside logs you must have a twig to poke the bug out. Once obtained you may eat the bug immediately or save it for later (take a bug item card from pile). However, you may only carry 1 bug at a time. Eating a bug restores 5 stamina and produces 3 poo counters.

Rock: Used to crack nuts. Once obtained, your monkey will carry it for the rest of the game.
Twig: Used to obtain bugs from logs. You may only use a twig once before it breaks.

Howler Monkey Ally: Found only in tree spaces. If you meet this ally and groom him, he is willing to return the favor. You may use the ally favor immediately or save it for later (take a howler monkey ally card from pile). He will howl and distract all predators for one turn. This will bypass any stamina penalties associated with occupying the same space as the predators. Once he performs his favor, discard the card back into the pile. See Figure 1 for example card.

Squirrel Monkey Ally: Same as above but his favor is collecting all nuts on a map for one turn. Once he performs his favor, discard the card back into the pile.

Capuchin Monkey Ally: Same as above but his favor is stealing 1 item from any opponent. Once he performs his favor, discard the card back into the pile.

**One other monkey ally later in production**

My favorite themed design, the Dung Beetle Ally!!
This is a unique ally, by polishing his shell he will perform a favor. You may use the ally favor immediately or save it for later (take a dung beetle ally card from pile). By default the dung beetle will remove 1 poo counter from any opponent player of you choice. However, before he gets rollin' you may persuade him to remove more poo by rolling a d6 die. If you roll a 4 or lower he will now remove 2 poo counters, if you a roll 5 or 6 he becomes uninterested and leaves, not removing ANY counters from the opponent. You can push your luck and keep rerolling as many times as you wish persuading him to remove more and more poo, but if at any time you roll a 5 or 6 he leaves and zero counters are removed from opponent.

Possibly adding treasure chests in a ruin space. These would be a risk v reward system that gave special permanent items or be booby trapped with a temporary negative effect.
A special item may be something such as "Dung"arees that reduce the stamina cost of climbing trees.
A temporary negative effect may be 1 less maximum stamina for a few turns.


Setup: Shuffle all the jungle map cards and place the pile face down. Choose one of the different colored monkey tokens to represent you. Place all other ally and item cards to the side, these will be collected and used during the game. Place the Jungle Map Starter Card face up on the playing surface. See Figure 2.

Start of Game: Each player rolls the 2 D6 dice. The highest roll goes first and so on. Reroll to break any ties.
The first player may choose which tree space to place their monkey token on the starter map. Each other player in their roll order also places their token in one of the available tree spaces.

On a player's turn:
The player draws a card from the jungle map card pile and places it in ANY orientation (up down left right) next to the previous map. You may orient the card in any direction to gain an advantage toward an item you want or give your opponent a disadvantage toward a predator or away from items they may want! See Figure 3.

Now, all players place their monkey token in the same exact corresponding spots on the new map. The player that drew the card gets to move their monkey first and collect any items or meet any allies they want. Once an item or ally is collected no other player may collect it that turn.
Every turn, each player has 7 stamina cards they can use for movement. After EVERY turn uptap (turn upright) all 7 cards so they reset. Each time you use 1 stamina, tap one of your stamina cards by turning it sideways. Once all 7 stamina cards are tapped and you are unable to restore any stamina, your turn is over.

Note: Players MAY use any ally or item card at ANY time, even during opposing players turns.

After the first player is finished, the next player now is able to move their monkey and collect any remaining items or meet any allies they want. This continues for all players. See Figure 4

Remember, you can only carry one of each ally or item at a time. But, you can be carrying an item and immediately use the same item from the map. (you have a banana card and land on a tree space with a banana, you may eat that banana immediately).
If a player orients a map and places your monkey on a predator space you lose 3 stamina for that turn.

Winning the game, become the POO FLING KING:
After all the map cards have been used, prepare for the poo flinging fight to determine the winner!!
This fight will consist of 5 rounds. The winner of each round gains 1 point, the player with the most points after the 5 rounds wins the game. If there is a tie for first, only those players replay the 5 rounds.

How do you play a round you ask?
First, count up all your poo counters but do not tell the exact number to your opponents.
For each round, put enough poo counters in your hand that you think will be higher than your opponents. But do not put too many counter in your hand because you still have 4 other rounds! After all players have their counters hidden in their hands they reveal how many they had. Each player rolls 1 D6 die and adds that to the number of counters they hid. The combined number become that players poo fling attack power for that round. If two players tie for the highest total, both players get a point. Do this for all 5 rounds to determine the poo fling king.
For example:
Player A has a total of 50 poo counters, and round 1 they hide 10 counters in their hand.
Player B only has a total of 39 poo counters, and round 1 they hide 12 counters in their hand.
They reveal their counters and each roll a d6 die. Player A rolls a 3 and Player B rolls a 5.
Player A's final Poo fling attack power is 13 and Player B's Poo fling attack power is 17.
Player B wins round 1!
However, Player B now only have 27 counters left for the next 4 rounds while Player A has 40 counters left for the next 4 rounds.
Strategize wisely ;)

**My wife has suggested a slightly raised plastic grid platform that you would slide the cards under so you would not need to keep transferring your monkeys each turn, shown from the top view (Figure 5):

Figure 1:
Figure 2:
Figure 3:
Figure 4:
Figure 5:

Feedback is appreciated!

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many mechanics and counters


I feel like this game is trying to be 2 things at once. On the one hand, it seems like you want a funny/silly fast paced game with a lot of humor elements. On the other, there seems to be a ton of counters and mechanics that I would expect to find more in a war game. I'm a strong believer in design form follows function (using food to generate ammo is a good example) but that simple idea seems to get lost in a bunch of other things going on.

I think it might be valuable to back up a little bit and figure out what you want this game to accomplish. Do you want to provide a tongue in cheek strategy game that allows deep strategy and takes over an hour to play? Do you want a fun and silly game that a group and play and enjoy several times in one night? That should help you inform the level of complexity to build into the mechanic.

How long does a 4 player game take with your current rules?

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