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Wild Wild West history buffs?

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Anyone know of historical examples of a train/supply bridge being destroyed and rebuilt multiple times? One dynamited would be ideal but I'm open to other examples from the Civil War, WW2, etc. Thanks in advance.

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Thanh Hoa Bridge - Vietnam

This may be too far away from the setting you mentioned, but take a look at the Thanh Hoa bridge. It was the target of many airstrikes in the 60s, many of which caused enough damage to temporarily prevent its use, but then the damaged would be repaired and it would be used again.óa_Bridge

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You might use Kinzua bridge as your thematic example. It was originally made of wood, and when it was too old to be serviceable, it was torn down but simultaneously replaced with a steel bridge. I think that this bridge is the one that inspired a lot of wild west movies with the train going over an impossibly high bridge, but I don't actually know.

Also, Kinzua would be a cool name for a game...

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