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WIP Abstract 2-4 Player

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Here are the files for a 2-4 player abstract I'm working on.
Any feedback is appreciated.
BTW, the game is played on a 9x9 board of 1" squares with the four corners blacked out and the 7 on each edge color coded for the four players.

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Some Observations

Thanks for sharing your game and rules with us.

I have not played your game but I did read the rules that you have provided. Here are some quick thoughts:

* It might be a good idea to combine both the "rules.pdf" with the "printable player sheet.pdf" so that the two are not inadvertently separated. At the least, name the files distinctly (such as "NerdChess - Rules" & "NerdChess - Printable Player Sheet" so that the file names are a bit more distinct.

* Names for games are very subjective and all game designers live in very fragile glass houses when critiquing game names. Regardless, an issue that might arise from naming your game "Nerd Chess" is that it will draw on comparisons of the game, Chess. You might consider preparing some material for your game to demonstrate how it is more exciting then Chess or faster then Chess. Chess sometimes draws negative connotations from people (It's too slow, it's too hard, "oh, ANOTHER Chess variant...," etc. so forth) so you should prepare for that type of feedback.

* On the other hand, people who like Chess are going to want to know what it has in common with Chess. Perhaps a front page that compares and contrasts your game with that of traditional chess.

* Consider having an example character graphic next to the section of "Move Action" in your rules. This could add clarity to the rules such as the thick arrow needing to face forward and describing the icons on those graphics. One consideration is to put the "thick arrow must always face forward" rule up front as one of my questions upon reading that section was, "Could a player turn and then move rather then just move?" Based upon the rules, they apparently can't but that was not immediately clear and that rule, being at the bottom of the section, might be missed upon initial readings.

* While reading the rules, I became concerned that I wasn't understanding the game's objective. There is a brief objective section near the start of the rules but it seemed vague. In Chess, the victory is simple - Capture the king, game over (technically, there's "checkmate" and players can duel to a draw but capturing the king is the intended route for victory). The present objective is points based and, failing that, is the last person standing. Perhaps you could suggest a point total initially ("First person to 50 points, wins!") and experienced players may then set their own point totals for greater enjoyment later on.

* While not mentioned explicitly, I am guessing that pieces that can not be damaged (pieces like "vampire" and "robot" can be damaged) are merely destroyed once successfully attacked and removed from the game entirely.

Overall, the game seems very interesting and I look forward to reading future versions of those rules. Thank you.

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Great Feedback

Thanks for your thoughtful feedback!

Nerd Chess is just kind of a placeholder name, but I see your point about it.
I certainly do not want any negative connotations associated with the game right out of the box. From those who either love or hate chess.

You are right on two important points.
1) All pieces other than the Robot and Vampire are removed immediately when damaged.
2) The end game is muddy without a limited number of turns. Not sure how I missed that.
I will have to amend the rules file (which I will also be renaming).

Please let me know when you get a chance to try a Print and Play game.

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