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WiP: Farming! The LCG

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Joined: 12/22/2015

I'm currently working on a living card game based around my day job, farming. I 'd thought I'd post it up here and see what you guys thought.

The basic concept is there are three decks, plus up to half a dozen farm cards per player.

The first deck in a market forces deck, and is shared between all players. It is a fixed 21 card deck with cards that effect the prices of different things.

The second deck is called the market deck. It is built by the player and consists of at least 30 cards. Cards in this deck represent animals bought from market, animals born on the farm and also crops sown. Each player has his own market deck.

The third deck is the play deck. It is built by the player and consists of at least 40 cards. Each player has there own deck. It contains cards that allow animals to grow (so from a 'new born lamb' into a 'store lamb' or a 'store lamb' into a 'fat lamb'. It also allows crops to grow in the same way. Finally there are cards which can use to (attempt) to alter market prices, combine your crops, infect your neighbours animals with diseases, or cure your own animals.

What do you guys think of the concept? This is not a serious game I am aiming to take to market, rather a fun game for family and friends.

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my 2c worth

I'd love to play your game and I find the idea quite refreshing. I think many might find the 3 decks, etc a little clumsy and cumbersome but that may change when they actually start to play the game.

Might I suggest different "optional objectives" that you could "win" as a comercial farmer by making more money - but this would be hard and would take a long time and a lot of hard work to build up to, or you could "win" as an organic farmer but then you have to follow certain very strict guidelines or you're thrown out of the tree huggers' fraternity or you can "win" as a subsistance dirt farmer but only if you go 100% for sustainibitliy and 0% for profit.

just an idea.

Joined: 12/22/2015

They are interesting ideas.

My idea for this to produce a pretty straight forward basic set. Then I'll add to it with chapter packs which will make things more interesting, and add other elements, the way it is playing at the moment a lot can be added in.

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