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word game ideas

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The Tile Pile kickstarter thread got me interested in some word game ideas and I'd be curious about other's thoughts.

My primary question is how difficult would it be to form words in a reasonable time with a hand of letter cards.

For example, say players had a hand of 10 cards, 6 consonants and 4 vowels and there was a category like "pirate" and players had to create something matching that topic.

Off hand, that seems difficult to me. Are there any word games that give players assistance with forming words? I'm thinking something like "robot name" and a lead card has "robo" that you get to build off of.

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Could be fun

That sounds interesting. Maybe it doesn't always have to be a real word, just something that sounds cool or funny, and people vote on it. Like Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity, but you create your own answers with the letters in your hands.

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Yeah, and you could have some

Yeah, and you could have some G ("pet name"), PG-13 ("zombie name"), and R ("pornstar name") rated category cards so the whole family can play.

I think some sort of guidance card is necessary though:


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