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Worker placement with expand & explore examples

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Hey guys,

Another newbie here, and very much a hobbyist.

I've been kicking around an idea for a little bit now and just trying to research similar games that use these mechanics.

I'm after examples of worker placement games the use either point-to-point movement or have modular boards.

To help give some context of my head space and where I am coming from I'll write up my idea so far.

Please feel free to skip over this if you would prefer just give board game examples :) otherwise any advice, concerns or red flags you can offer are greatly appreciated!

Settlers at outposts prepare for a very long winter

Game Mechanics:
The game is split into 11 actions (months) per round with 10 rounds (years) in total. At the start of each year winter claims another month (i.e. round 2 there are only 10 player actions). During the winter months players will instead draw a winter event card.

Setup & Gameplay:
Players will start out on their own hex tile (which neighbour each other) with a couple of workers. On their turn, the player may perform one action, explore and discover a new tile (blind pickup) or if allowed collect the resource from that tile. If the player discovers a new tile that has a winter effect they add respective card to the winter event deck.

When a worker moves to any tile they will leave tracks (creating a trail back to their outpost, the only time tracks do not change is if it breaks a trail back to an outpost).

In the winter months, players have to pick up a winter event card. These cards may either require you to use resources to stay warm, fed, illness etc or spawn a creeper on specific tiles. These creepers will then move one tile per winter month, following the tracks left by the workers.

Surviving the winter with the most victory points.

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