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Yahtzee + Risk: Idea Phase

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Joined: 02/18/2013

This idea came up while playing Yahtzee. We wanted more, but desired to preserve the quick fun gameplay of Yahtzee. I believe it will be called Yahtisk.

Main Mechanical ideas:

Rolling for units/actions

Each player will have a faction board. This will consist of what would be the top half of the Yahtzee sheet, but for each number there would be a different unit type.

(1) Infantry
(2) Armour
(3) Air
(4) Naval
(5) Fourification
(6) Defenses

It would work exactly like Yahtzee. You will have 6 (instead of 5) dice and you will have 3 re-rolls to try and produce units. You will then choose which unit to produce (similar to Yahtzee where you would choose what number to count). You would then gain the number of units equal to number of that unit number you rolled.

Each unit would have a basic ability, defense/attack, and movement restrictions (Infantry are the only units that can establish fortifications, Armored units must be targeted first while attacking, Air units can travel on any terrain, etc.). There will also be three units that have a special ability which will be different for each faction board (Special Ops Infantry has +2 attack vs. Infantry; Bunker Defenses can only be attacked by armored units, etc.)

I think on a turn you would have a required action (Like in Yahtzee, you have to mark off something) and optional actions (Use left over dice not "scored" or used). The above would be your required actions and your optional actions could be:

Place 3 units on the map (use 2 dice)
Reveal 1 location (use 3 dice)
Move units 5 spaces (use 2 dice)
Attack a location (use 3 dice)
Capture location -infantry basic ability- (use 3 dice)

Map creation

Instead of like risk where you have a board, I was thinking about having the map change every game with location cards. The cards would have two sides: one plain side (three standard "country" spaces) and a capital side (two standard "country" spaces and one "capital space that gives you a special unit/action). Each player would have a random starting location. Players could reveal locations in any direction by placing a location card anywhere around a location where ever you have at least one unit. After every third location revealed you may place a capital. After you reveal three locations in a straight line you will choose which player to connect to. This idea is still under construction.

The capitals would allow you to start developing the "bottom half" of your Yahtzee board essentially. This will provide more interesting ways to organize your dice which will allow you to produce diverse units and execute better actions. (full house = move 2 units then attack; 3 odd numbers = helicopter)

Abstract Theme

Even though I've been explaining via military (Risk) terms, I actually want this to be more abstract with a somewhat lighter theme. I have no idea what it would be.


Has there been anything done similar to this? Any ideas for a theme? Before I pursue this further I thought I would turn it loose to the community. It is not at the forefront of my designs, but it is definitely something I will work on. Let me know!

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For a design I am no longer developing (Because I can't picture bringing it into reality), I had a similar idea: it was a Girls Gymnastic dice game!

The other designers at that time all "liked" the idea... First of all it's not "CandyLand" and since not too much has been designed for Girls - this would be an interesting concept.

But I never got the concept off the ground. As I said the original idea was something like "Yahtzee" with some Polyhedral dice ... for more complex gymnastic routines...

Not to mention Sand Timers to limit the amount of time available to produce the given routine... The design never got any traction - because I couldn't figure out how I was going to PAY for all the Photography and the gymnasts' time too (models).

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Risky Match

Personally, I'm a huge fan of Yahtzee and have never finished a game of Risk. I'm your average american, ask me if I've played Settlers of Cattan, Pandemic, Ticket to Ride etc.... and you'll get a blank stare "never heard of them" but if you say Monopoly, Sequence, Yahtzee, Sorry, scrabble etc.... I think a Yahtzee scrabble, or Yahtzee Sequence would be a much better match for the crowd.

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I don't want to offend you...

But this is all about PURE "marketing". @Evansmind244 all you know are the game sold at Target, WalMart and Toys'R'Us. Of course those games are well know, they are the only one allowed to sell in those big stores.

However Hobby Toy Stores (or Friendly Local Game Stores - FLGS) do exist and do have all the "modern day" games people love to play. Like Pandemic, Settlers and Ticket to Ride, maybe add SmallWorld, Resistance and King of Tokyo, etc.

Once you "learn" about the "other games"... Doesn't it make you the least bit curious??? Like how there is a whole other society of board games out there...?! If you like Monopoly or Sorry!, why wouldn't you like a game of Settlers??? I don't get why as a Gamer, you wouldn't want to play other games that are available to the general public.

I fail to understand your reasoning... Now that you know about "Settlers of Catan", why wouldn't you want to try it once??? You may actually like it... And then want to try something else like Pandemic (which is a real blast to play - we won - but we cheated: we played 5 players! And I believe the actual game rules say 4 players max...)

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Finding the Middle Ground

For this idea I want to find the middle ground. I don't want casual players (such as yourself) to feel overwhelmed and I don't want veterans (possibly like Mr. Quest) to deem it to be introductory. That is why I want there to be a unique theme that is not intrusive or heavy. I would much rather it be very light.

Some ideas for themes...

#1 Unique civilization that expands through interacting with the Yahtisk (the six die)

#2 Create an ever growing garden and compete for space

#3 Giants playing with mountains and rocks trying to gain the most territory

#4 Different types of energy trying to purify the circuits with THEIR energy

#5 Marketing your business through multiple different options competing with other businesses

Just some ideas. Give me your thoughts.

Joined: 11/05/2015
similar game

This idea has been done already.

Not to say you shouldn't pursue it, since you're taking it in a different direction, but it may be helpful to check out the other game for some inspiration

The premise is when you roll the dice, instead of each person having a separate sheet, there's a communal pool of combinations that you "fight" over. And even if someone takes one you can still contest it and win it to your side.

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