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As yet unnamed game concept

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This as yet unnamed game concept is more a table top strategy game than a fixed board game.
I hope that this is acceptable. as well it is some what hybrid with a computer game in essence.

My concept is for a game that all of the content and rules are stored online and can be downloaded and created by each player or purchased through the games website. the game is self revolves around securing resource points and building a force to defeat the opposing force. it would be a game for two or more players who would each utilize units based on their race and faction and their own custimization and engage in turn based combat untill there is a winner or a stalemate.

This is not dissimilar for existing miniature war games, how ever the customization goes beyond colors to the actual units them selves. to facilitate this the community web site would be divided into separate wikis and forums. players would submit their desired custom units to the community for first moderator approval ( they would check for rule violations and copyright violations) and then by the community ( story and gameplay concerns).
there would be rules governing the creation of units.

The community its self would ideally be hierarchical some what. In Such that each faction of each race would have leaders as might the race as whole. these leaders would be real people and there would be real politics that could influence the game locally or as a whole.

the story is that Viricite, an alien viral matter, has infected various worlds including the earth. now the various races and the factions they have split into must utilize the Viricite to wage war on one another.

the current list of races is as follws:
The Technarchy ( originators of VIricite)

More details coming as development continues. thanks for reading.

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A Change in Reins

I have supported the idea of players creating their own cards or pieces to an expandable game or even a collectible game for a long time. There are differing theories on how successful this would be with players and the forces of the market, but it would at the very least be interesting to behold.

However, I believe the idea has two key faults. The first is that the game's designers inevitably believe it will be enjoyed out of the starting gate. In order for a community to grow that will start to create and maintain itself and nurture the game through pieces and communication, there has to be a significant number of people who enjoy the game to begin with. Without a very firm startup, either through prize support and tournaments or market-undercutting pricing, the plan won't get out of the starting gate.

The second issue I find with this is that your method of payment is entirely backwards (rather, it's industry-forward). Why not design the game, and allow it to be distributed for free, but charge money for people to design additional pieces? That way people looking for a pocket-light wargame can play it without incurring the high costs typical of the genre while serious players can pay more money, the backbone of your revenue, into expansion?

However, I realize this method presupposes you have a lot of money to put into the project upfront. It is more expensive on the front end.



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