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Yomo - An Epic Tile Adventure

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Welcome to the world of Yomo Island. Your adventure begins right here!

Explore yomo and rescue your friends. They've been captured by the villainous rhino guko And his henchmen. It’s up to you to liberate the captives! Experience challenging gameplay And gorgeous scenery as you search your friends. They are being held captive somewhere On this island. It's your job to save them.

As you battle your way across Yomo Island, you'll discover challenges on beaches, forests, deserts, mountains, and more. All the time, you'll find yourself clawing your way across the island in search of Guko and his prisoners.

Yomo is the new and crazy, tile-based game for the iPhone. It's a challenging puzzle and adventure game. Under increasing pressure, you need to crush colored tiles before you run out of time! Score massive points to advance through this mystery! Each new level is more challenging than the last. To aid you on your quest, you can earn power-ups, giving you extra power! Each adventure takes you deeper into the secrets of the island. Developing your skills has never been so awesome and cool. Along your journey, you'll get to meet many adorable characters who'll help you solve the challenges you'll face.

Remember – time is your greatest enemy! Your friends' survival depends on your ability to outwit the villainous Guko! Yomo is the latest craze to test your wits. Everything depends on your concentration skills. Who will be victorious – you or Guko?

There’s much to be discovered in Yomo… exciting gameplay and breathtaking illustrations.

Also you can download this game from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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