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zombie survival TCG

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First off, I am not currently working on this, as I am at my limit for projects I allowmyself to have.

but I figured somebody could play off of this.


Its dark, the only sound you hear are the footsteps of your squad.
Not a cricket, not an owl.
your deep in enemy territory.
As your team stops to look at a map, you hear a noise behind you.
As you turn around one of your partners jumps in front of you, knocking you down.
When you get up after hearing the gunfire stop, you see the same man has been bitten by the enemy.
The undead.
Now you not only must fight off hordes of the undead, but keep your team mate from dying.

Each player has two decks
one deck they play from constantly, the other they play from only if they become a zombie.
One player is inflicted with the disease that slowly kills him.
each player plays to try to keep eachother alive, instead of kill eachother like in a normal card game.
the inflicted member slowly loses life points until he dies, or the game ends.
(not sure how to end a game like this, either there is a card at the bottom of each players deck that cures the disease, or you have to last a certain amount of turns or something, only whoever decides to make this would know for now hahaha)
if a player dies, he begins using the zombie deck he built, obviously trying to kill the other team members. (if the zombie, or zombies as players become inflicted, dies, the game is obviously over, but of course this would be hard to do, as obviously all the players could build a "zombie killing deck" and let the inflicted member die and try and kill the zombie before anyone else becomes inflicted.)
I was thinking each turn a player would have to draw a card from the zombie deck, and play it on a team member that is not himself, (early game this may be an issue, but late game, as each teams "health" varies, a player most likely would either play it on the lowest health player( making him a killable zombie) or the highest (spread the damage so that its less likely everyone is dead by the games end), but not on themselves (no self sacrifice, especially if you have cards that might save you from your own cards)

Just an idea, hopefully someone uses it, regardless tell me what you think of such an idea, even if you dont want a part of making it.

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I'm generally not a fan of

I'm generally not a fan of TCGs any more, but I think this idea could be quite interesting paired with dual-purpose cards and a card-drafting mechanic.

(Also, the word you're looking for is 'infected', not 'inflicted'. 'Afflicted' almost fits, but not quite.)

Anyway, start players off with (say) a five card deck, drawing (say) five cards per turn. At the end of each turn, each player draws three cards from a central deck, chooses one to put in his discard pile, and returns the remainder to the centre.

The twist - each card has a survivor function and a zombie function, and a card that is strong for one is weak for the other. That means that players have to evaluate how much longer they think they're going to remain uninfected when selecting cards.

For game objective, perhaps a linear path dotted with various threats on the way to safety. While uninfected, the goal is the be the first player to make it to safety and survive. Once a zombie, the goal is to be the first player to make it to safety, and eat all the brains you find there!

Joined: 06/13/2010
yeah I meant infected, not

yeah I meant infected, not sure why I started using inflicted. guess they sound similiar XD

I had considered this option, but this is the reason I did not post it with the rest.
That would definantly cut down the need for two decks, the thing that worries me is, long worded effects, every game has them, so if a card had at least one effect that was long worded, than having a second effect would cause the text to have to be small, and while I dont care about text size, it does bother some people especially people hard of seeing.

Thats something I considered to, not agaisnt it at all.

Joined: 08/20/2008
I guess it would depend a lot

I guess it would depend a lot on what sort of effects you wanted on the cards. I'm going through a minimalism + icons phase at the moment, but MtG-style effects would definitely cause problems!

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