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1manstudio looking for game designers who want to join

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Short Version:

Well, this is not the army - but we are looking for one or two reliable board game designers to join the 1manstudio team on a volunteer basis! Read about the full proposal (and how to contact us) in our blog:

Long Version:

Im looking for one or two reliable game designers to join our team!

We are a group of hobbyist developers (maybe you have seen my templates/concepts in the past already) from all around the globe, working on a bunch of CCG-esque games that feature professional artwork, templates and rules. I consider myself the project leader of our group, as I cover all expenses for artwork, web hosting and more. Over the last 2,5 years, i was able to shell out some money from my day job in order to hire artists, acquire domains and setup websites and blogging systems for our projects.

1manstudio (the name of our small team) is well stocked with artworks, artists, templates, technology, layout programs and people who can use them.

What we are looking for are one-two additional CCG/board-game designers to join our team on an unpaid basis. You need to be full of ideas, reliable, grown up in speech and style as well as willing to "work" (play/create fits better) along with on our ideas - on a completely free and unpaid basis. This is because we are not making money from our projects yet and I for myself am already at my very limits paying for art and web hosting all alone.

ATM we are working on 2-3 different projects, with a possibly maximum of 5. As we are all hobbyists, there is no schedule. Most urgent are new mechanic ideas, card ideas, card themes, play testing and balancing. Again: We cannot offer payment for your efforts, at a later stage we could talk about royalties if one of our games reaches a considerable amount of sales. But this is not a guarantee - first I have to recover from the expenses Im making by propelling this project via my personal income.

This is a hobby project someone would dedicate himself to out of passion, and not for making money. If you are looking to make a living, go and get a job instead. What we can offer is being part of a group of enthusiasts who love creating games. And we offer a more professional approach than many others in form of pro artworks, templates and representation. This is in my opinion quite close to what every game designers considers to be his dream - but this dream is not about earning money. Its about having fun creating something that will be both fun and looking cool!

If you are interested, feel free to contact me here - via eMail, the contact form on our website or via Facebook.

Thanks a lot!

-Fhizban (aka Tobias)


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Would like to help but...

My problem at the moment is that I have too many projects on the GO:

  • "Tradewars - Homeworld" is waiting a response from the Publisher so that we can ship prototypes for playtesting.
  • I would like to invest more time into my Nintendo game "Legendary Souls: Crystal Heroes".
  • I have to update my Software with some extra features so that my business partner and I can sell it (VERY important).
  • I have taken a break from "The BEST CCG/TCG ever!"... But would like to eventually return to this project. We are all taking a breather/break...
  • I have a couple other card games on-hold namely "Monster Keep" and a gymnastics game... I might want to continue those and see if they can be completed such that I can get those published.

So I am rather busy... I don't think I would have enough time to be even a "part-time" contributor.

But I do find your projects as being "interesting". Unfortunately I don't think I can be a sufficiently reliable resource for you! :(

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hey quest! thanks for your

hey quest!
thanks for your reply and the kind words - you have been a true friend and competent critic so far.

well, maybe we can work together in the future. the job positions will be open for a while (i guess) and others might step aside to make place for new members. so who knows...

Im not looking for full-time contributors, but as I am so busy organizing all the stuff (more like a project leader) instead of designing the games themselves, i could really need some help in that department.

anyway, i apprecciate your reply!

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Your proposal is well thought

Your proposal is well thought out and well expressed. I hope you find compatible mates to work with, I'm sure they're hiding somewhere on this site!


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thanks for the thumbs up! I

thanks for the thumbs up!

I already received two requests and I am looking for more. The text was also posted on other forums (but only those where people know me already - my main target is to reactivate some old forum buddies).

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Joined: 01/11/2009
*bump* Some people already


Some people already joined us - but we could require several more.

Read the introductory text and decide if this project is something for you, then drop me a line via email and i add you to the dev boards.

thanks in advance!

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