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2-5 player RPG board game for kids 8 and up -Looking for playtesters

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I created a what I believe to be a simple card and dice game that is designed for families with kids 8 and up. There is some math involved with adding and subtracting (the dad in me is sneaking in some basic math facts...shh). I have play tested it with mostly family so far and would love some other feedback if you could.

When my kids were younger I tried to get them into D&D but just rolling their characters took to long and they lost interest. My goal with the game was to make something easy to play for kids around the 8-10y range, simple to learn but keep the Role Playing Game spirit.

You can play with just a six sided dice but I tend to go for a six sided and a 12 sided to add some flavor.

The art is placeholder from some free assets I found. I drew the map myself but it will need a real artists touch. Basically I was playing with design and feel. The "stories" on the cards will be more flushed out as I get closer to finalizing the gameplay. I believe I am 80% of the way there but the last 20% is always the details and balance.

As I stated above, my target audience is families with the younger kids. I found with mine that if they don't have something they can hold or physically do on each turn they lost interest. I also wanted them to do some basic addition and subtraction as where I am from that isn't taught anymore and neither of them could do math in their head at the time. The notepad is purpose built for kids to keep track and do addition and subtraction.

In my initial playtests I also found that bringing all players into the encounters while fun didn't lend a sense of urgency. Having them roll to make it there on their own I found lent more to the feel I was going for. Those in the encounter alone feel vulnerable while the others are doing what they can to get in to help. It felt more like a true team win.

I would love your feedback on that and well as the answers to three simple questions:
a) did you have fun?
b) what is one thing you liked?
c) what is one thing you didn’t like?

The folder on Gooogle Drive **Edit - bad link in original post - copy paste error...sorry

Just in case that doesn’t work here are the individual files.
The Setup

The rules

The cards

The board 22x17 - small but still playable - can be printed in 4 8.5 x 11 sheets

The board 34x22 - bigger and easier to play - can be printed in 4 11x17 sheets

Notepad for keeping stats

Thank you in advance.

Tim Edwards
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Hi Chunky, I haven't play

Hi Chunky,

I haven't play tested your game, but a couple of ideas have occurred to me anyway. I hope they help.

I like the idea of the villain trying to keep the adventurers at bay to avoid the final showdown. Could the villain's role be a bit more interactive? Maybe before the game begins he can choose a handful of nefarious spells to throw at the adventures during their journey...zap player X with lightning, send player Y back 6 squares with an avalanche? As it is, the villain's role seems quite static.

Could the adventurers make decisions too? Choose some equipment before they start, or risk taking precarious shortcuts during the quest?

Could a couple of snakes-and-ladders style hazards/springboards enrich the board? (I still remember the palpable fear I felt of landing on a snakes head!)

Just kicking around ideas here...I know it's not what you asked for, since I didn't actually play it!!

Joined: 07/20/2018
Thanks for the feedback!

Hi Tim. Thanks for the feedback. I have been thinking of how to get the villain more involved and initially, well it was a complicated idea that I abandoned...but I have been toying with the idea for symbols on the pathways that if a player lands on them causes an action.

For instance, instead of the health cards and treasure cards laid out and abilities being dealt out they are in a pile that gets pulled from if the heroes land on a symbol. I also thought that some symbols could be side quests that lead to the treasure. After reading your comments it gave me the idea that I could use the same idea for the villain to spring a trap. Right now the villain still roles and if they role a 1 or a 6 they can cast a spell. I am curious to see how it would play with both.

I like the equipment idea as well. I hadn't thought of that as I was really trying to keep it simple especially for younger kids. However, I have also been coming up with a list of ideas for expansions and more difficult decks. I think your idea could fit in quite well with the extendability of the game.

Thanks again for the feedback!

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A few very quick

A few very quick comments..

Your rules should be laid out a little clearer.. the part about the combat in particular. The part about how other players keep moving forward even moreso, and what happens to the first player during that, etc. I found the cards to be generally lacking clarity ("if you win, you can heal for 8 instead of attacking"). And I guess the cleric and black knight are Villains?

Critical hits will occur 1 time in 144. This is not worth an extra rule. I'd suggest either removing this or making it a lot more common (like any natural 12)

Are those tiny squares on the map the path the players take? What does a player token look like..? Those squares are tiny. I'm not sure how even 1 token would fit on one, let alone 2 or 4.

The game appears to be 99% luck. The 1% is when you use your ability card. Are there any choices to make? It's kind of "Candyland + Math" at the moment. And there's only 1 ability card per player, for the whole game, and they're not THAT strong.

Looks like it could be fun, but I don't think it's ready for blind play-testing yet, because first you need a set of rules (and rules-on-cards) that are completely clear with no additional explanation.

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Also, 34x22 seems enormous

Also, 34x22 seems enormous for a game board that has basically nothing on it. There's no real reason the cards need to be sitting on the board rather than in a pile off to the side, right? Should be no bigger than a Candy Land board, certainly..

"Revive Party" is about 20x more powerful than any other ability.

Here are examples of unclear instructions:


"If you win you can elect to heal a party member instead of inflicting damage on the enemy."

First of all, I didn't realize at first that "win" meant "win a single combat roll of the D12". Second, does the party member need to be in the encounter, or can he be 5 spaces behind? And how much is healed? A D6 roll, I guess? Can I roll damage first and decide to heal (or WHO to heal) after I roll?


"You can steal 5hp to add to yours if you are within 1 number when rolling to win the attack."

Is that instead of the attack, or in addition? If I use an ability to boost my roll, is it the original or boosted number that counts here? I'll assume boosted, but..


Can I use an ability card at any point? Is it instead of my attack or in addition? Or instead of my move, if I'm not in combat? Can I use an ability after I've rolled my D12 ("boost a roll by 4"? After my D6?

Can I use that "boost a roll by 4" thing on a D6 roll, or only a D12 combat roll?

To be ready for blind play-testing, you really need all the ambiguity squeezed out of these things. Good luck!

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