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2 player SciFi War Game ready for play testing

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Take a Look.

If you like what you see, I can email you the PDF files of the map and and pieces along with the tech track and rule book.

I need blind play testers.

If you see any discrepancies in the rules, please let me know so I can make the changes.


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Rules Review

Hi silasmolino,

I don't think I have time to playtest your game, but I was able to read the rules.

Overall, this looks like a well developed game with simple, concise rules.

I noticed a few inconsistencies in the rules (for example EDF vs. USS, Corvettes vs. Cadillacs) but they did not affect my understanding of the game.

A few questions...

When a capital ship turns or moves and destroys other ships by entering the other ship's hex, does the capital ship sustain damage?

Can one capital ship ram the other capital ship for an "instant kill"?

Under the Defense section, can I spend 1 AP to repair up to 4 shields on my hull or does that mean that to repair shield #2, shield #3 or shield #4 that I must spend 1 AP per shield and that Shield #5 costs 2 AP to repair?

Under the Limitations section, does that limit apply to each player or is that limit for the total number of ships on the board regardless of player?

Can a ship Undock and Move in the same turn?

Do I need line of sight to use my laser on the enemy capital ship or can I fire the laser at any time and hit the enemy capital ship reagardless of the number of ships in front of the enemy capital ship?

Nice work! Good luck with your playtesting!

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Awesome Ideas!

Thanks for the feedback:

I do see those inconsistencies (USS vs EDF, Cadillac vs corvette [I was thinking about cars, not space ships]) and will fix them immediately.

#1. I have not incorporated any type of kamikaze rule into the game, but wow that sounds fun.
#2. See above. Could you imagine just ramming capital ships at one another! that would be cool though. It would need a heavy penalty.
#3. Hull reparation is tiered: 1 AP to repair hull level 4, 2 AP to repair hull level 5, 2 more AP to repair hull level 6...3 AP to repair hull level 8...
#4. Each player can have 1 Defense Coordinator, 6 Corvettes, and 11 Fighters on the board at any given time.
#5 A ship can undock and move in the same given turn, so long as the player has AP to spend. The only spending limit is on Capital Laser attack: 1 per player turn.
#6. No line of sight is necessary. Spend AP and roll that die. This does sound like a good mechanic and I will play with it further (anything to give the player a good challenge).

Thanks for the valuable feedback. I can't wait to try some of these ideas.

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go, Silas, go!

Dude - this would be a PERFECT submission for VICTORY POINT GAMES - you should REALLY drop them a line. Your project is right up their alley and fits their format to a 'T'. I will be the first to admit that smaller games like this are VERY difficult to design. Minimalism is NOT easy, and it looks to me like you've really done your homework on this little gem.

BTW - if they don't pick this up [shout out to Alan and the boys at VPG - check this one out!], you should self-publish ASAP and get it out there. Register it at BGG and start taking to all the local Cons you can get to.

One other thing - this design just SCREAMS "Please use cool minis on me!" I can see the minis from BABYLON 5, STAR TREK and other starship mini games being used for this with a quickness. You might want to consider creating a special downloadable map designed for miniature bases and drop it up on the p-n-p page on BGG, then put up links on all the starship mini game pages there. That should drive some interest in this great design.

Hope it goes the distance, brother! Great job!

Joined: 02/01/2013
Thank you

I appreciate the enthusiasm!

I want to make sure it's warranted. I am hesitant to post it on BGG because I still want to work out any kinks it may have. I will post it on the starship mini game page.

The tech tree is still very shallow (the weak link in the game) and I will try to get ideas from others here on BGDF and family/friends.

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