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Advice for Finding Playtesters

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I'm having a bit of a hard time finding playtesters.

I used to have a game group I could use, but I have since moved. Even then, it was still only 4 other people.

I currently have a couple people I can use rarely when schedules align, but they aren't really big gamers so I try not to overload them.

I've made flyers, and got a few hits, but people are notoriously unreliable when making plans these days, and this strategy has yet to produce a single group.

I've seen some game night events at various shops, but these seem more tailored to people already involved in groups, and less for finding players.

Any suggestions?

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My advice to you is...

Go visit a shop and see if the have a "Board Game Meetup". If they do ask when it is, sometimes it's like once a month or every Tuesday night, etc...

Then go there with your prototype and ASK if anyone is interested in playing. I find most people are nice enough to play one game... And with "TradeWorlds", I managed to get three (3) playtests in one single night. Considering it takes about an hour for a two (2) player duel, that's about three (3) hours worth of playtesting.

But for the most part, I do the playtesting myself. Or have Joe playtest with his various groups. I think he's got like four (4) different play groups. That's the thing, Joe helps out - since I, like you, don't have the resources to blindly playtest my games.

Again check if the any LOCAL Board Game Meetups... I don't know where you live, so I can't search for groups... But check out Should allow you to specify a local area and you can search "Sci Fi and Games" category to find what is nearby.

I also know that in MY local area, there is a Board Game meetup at a local University. So you may want to visit the Universities around your area and see if any of them have a Social club that might be interested in playing board games.

That's my advice - I know it's limited... It's what I know from experience and from my local area.

Best of luck(?!) with your search...

Turnstone Games
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You may have already tried

You may have already tried these but I have found Facebook and Meetup very useful for finding groups of gamers all over the world to playtest with.

Meetup is a free app that allows you to search for organised groups that to pretty much anything, and I have had a lot of success groups or simply boardgames groups that are willing to try a prototype. You may have to travel a bit to find your nearest one, but it's definitely worth it. And if there isn't a group near you, make one! I'm sure you will get interested people joining with time.

And similarly with Facebook, I have found groups in my local area that I didn't even know existed through a bit of searching.

I hope that helps!

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How about these ideas?

Local library. Ask to use on of the reading quiet rooms.

Local coffee cafe shop.

The university, college or community college.

Local restuarant.

Local park hall.

Local veteran hall.


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