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Amateur Golf Tour 0.3 Alpha - Ready For Playtesting

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Joined: 06/03/2017

Following up on today's blog entry, AGT 0.3 is now ready for playtesting. Below is the link for the Print and Play Version.

We've tweaked the game a fair bit, so all characters should be fairly different from each other, but still be fun. Hoping to hear from you guys!

P.S. I'm thinking of trying to make a digital version of the prototype. What software would be best to use?

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Joined: 04/16/2011
I believe there are two:

TableTop Simulator (which can be bought on Steam):


Tabletopia (which can be work with a subscription):

Here is a BGG Comparison of the two:

Those are the two biggest players in Board/Card Game Simulation on the Desktop...

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