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Any Tips On How To Spread The Addiction?

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Hey everyone. I mentioned before in one of my earlier posts (in the 'Welcome To BGDF' forum topic) that I was from Canada. I know what you're thinking; Oh my god, do board games even exist in Canada? He must be sooooo board, and sooooo lonely. He's probably the only person in the whole country who has a board gaming obsession!

Well, actually, you'd be right.

Well, maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit, but not really, because I live in a territory (province) of Canada called the Yukon. For those who have no idea where this is, it's that little step-ladder shaped place in the top left corner of the country. But really, if you haven't heard of the Yukon, then you get my point already: Not many people there play games.

Anyways, my question for you all is: How do I spread this board gaming addiction throughout my community? (I desperately need more people to play with!)

Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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The only way I have found to

The only way I have found to spread board gaming is just to ask other people to play and if they accept play a game! Easiest way!

Also: Yukon Ho!

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Accessing Community

Are there any community centers, organizing/meeting halls, church halls, or other places where large groups of people meet? If there are, you may want to consider partnering with them for a few 'game nights' or weekend game events.

I've also seen people partner up with a "game happy hour" at local restaurants. They ask permission to reserve a few tables specifically for the game-playing crowd; in return, the restaurant gains steady (and usually guaranteed repeat) business.

I know it may seem daunting, but usually partnering up is the most effective strategy in situations like this. Don't be afraid to just put it out there, and see who bites.

Good luck to you, and stay warm! :) The Yukon Territory seems like a fascinating place.

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Have you tried reaching out

Have you tried reaching out here:



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Play in public! You do us all

Play in public! You do us all a service when you play at a local coffee shop or at your place of work (I mean during lunch break, don't get fired or something).

I play with a group just does a weekly get-together at coffee shop, and every couple months we pick up a new player who has been watching us having fun.

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Thanks For The Input

Thanks for the input, guys. Really appreciated. I will try and work up enough courage to do some of your ideas, and I really like the idea of using community centres, or public spaces. (My town has a lot of these.)

Another question that I've been meaning to ask about is how to do long distance play testing, or create an online version of my game to play test. (I don't think that I'll be able to convert enough people to board gaming to a have a wide variety of play testers, especially not in my very small town.

Any more tips?

Thanks, again.

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Be sure to ...

When you play in public, be sure to play games with a lot of visual appeal, that are easy, fun, and ideally can be played in comfortably under an hour. Also, games with a slightly higher luck to skill ratio can pull in novices more quickly, because they don't feel as if they have no chance. There's a reason that Settlers of Catan sparked the new wave of board gaming -- it fits all those criteria. I've used it to introduce new people, even though I'm not that big a fan.

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play games with relevant national themes

Not sure how this might go, but there are many games that have themes based on Canada (or at least that region of the world), Canadian history, or the like. A few that come to mind are Quebec, 1812, Nanuk, Snow Tails, Lost Valley, etc. There appear to be some Canadian fan expansions to Ticket to Ride. A search on BGG for Canada, Yukon, Klondike, etc would be a start. That might help with finding something appealing to others. Also, start with simpler party games that can easily accommodate others without worry of player elimination...where people can come and go. Apples to Apples comes to mind...this could help serve as a gateway to finding others. Also, i agree with trying to host a gaming event at a safe public spot like a library or pub...see who shows up. Don't be afraid to make a sign. Post community notice in a spot prior to being there.

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lets do it!

just force people to play with you. i also just tell people about it.

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A quick suggestion:

Play "Gateway" games. This has been mentioned previously, but allow me to make a few suggestions:

-make it a game where the rules can be explained in 5 minutes or less
-make it a game where a theme isn't too exotic
-make it a game that still has a few aspects of luck, but not so much that a player isn't rewarded for clever thinking (Monopoly and Risk ruin friendships)
-make it a game where the player interaction level is high, often in the social realm. for clarification: a game like Power Grid allows for some player interaction in the auctions and placement of cities, but really, it doesn't have the social negotiating aspect that settlers of Catan or the Resistance does.

Some games that might get others excited to come to game night (and maybe start playing more intense games) (player count given in ())
-Love Letter (2-4)
-The Resistance (or The Resistance: Avalon) (5-10)
-Ticket to Ride (3-6)
-Mafia (7-12)
-Rook (4)
-Hanabi (2-5)
-Forbidden Island (2-4)

There are a whole bunch of other games that can be suggested here.

Then, take it up a notch with:
-Pandemic (2-5) - builds off of Forbidden Island
-Forbidden Desert (2-5)
-Settlers of Catan (3-5)
-Eminent Domain (2-4)
-others can feel free to add to this list I suppose. I'm on a time crunch

DON'T play these until they've played a few earlier games (or they're OK with a bit of a jump)
-Power Grid
-7 Wonders
-Twilight Imperium
-Axis & Allies

Bear in mind, you can jump up to higher levels if playing with good friends. But don't push it.

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