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Appetite For Adventure PnP Beta/Demo

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My game, Appetite For Adventure, is going to be having a big ol' exciting Springboard Kickstarter campaign this summer. In preparation for that, I want to make sure that this thing is play tested 'til it can't take it any more, and then some.

So, to all of you kind and generous members of BGDF, I'm asking for your help to play test this and make this the best game it could possibly be. The card design and rules writeup are still in rough stages, and will be changing greatly. So, I'm not looking for feedback there, just on the actual game play itself.

Here is a link to just the rules:

And here is a link to everything (including the rules) that you need from me to play the game:

What's included:
-The rules
-Two Visual Aids
-All Nine Completed Characters (might need to print twice to accommodate 5 players)
-A deck of Attack Cards (Print twice if playing with more than 3 players)
-A deck of 27 Creature Cards
-Two Loyalty Cards ( if you need more, just use some other method to keep track)

What you need
-Something to keep track of monster damage
-Two kinds of tokens, to represent Strategy Resources.

The final game will have more characters, creature cards, and fridge cards. I tried to make this version as low ink as possible,but it was difficult considering the cards I've been using for the physical prototype.

If you play test this version and find you still want more, and will provide detailed feedback, I can provide you with the other 23 completed creature cards, and 4 fridge cards.

Here's a bit about the game:



Around 20 mins

About the Game-

"Appetite for Adventure" is a card game filled with sabotage, savage food beasts, and copious amounts of glory hogging. 2 - 5 players compete to recruit creatures to be loyal to their cause. They do this by attacking the creatures, and damaging them just enough to "impress" them. The catch; everyone else will be fighting these same creatures, so you want to make sure that you're the one who places the final amount of damage to 'impress' them. The player with the most 'impressed' creatures at the end of the game is the winner, and gets to sit upon the throne of Del' Ishis.

Game Objective-
Use the attack cards in your hand to impress the creature cards in the center battlefield. Every time you damage a creature, causing that creature to have more damage than the threshold printed on the card, they become thoroughly impressed with your fighting ability, allowing you to gain them as a follower. If you have the pre-set amount of followers at the end of your turn, you win the game.

Also, those of you who will be at Origins this year can try the game out at the Game Salute booth.

If you want to leave feedback or questions here or at the BGG entry I'll try my best to get back to you A.S.A.P

Thanks to anyone who even just takes a peak at the rules!

-Derek Bacon
Uncharted Bacon

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